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Tushar Bhaware

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I work in a small company. I am the whole and soul of company. I am responsible for all including designing,coding,database,documentation and what not.
I work alone. I have no one to guide. I can design and code quite decently, can work with database also. But i don't know nothing about documentation.
My first task about documentation is to write a Business Requirement Documentation. The owner of company has given me a sample but i understand nothing from it.
Please let me know How business requirement documentation is done? What are the tricks?
What it should include?anything else which i don't know about it.

P.S.: I have searched online about it but it gave me only vague idea.

7 years ago

chris webster wrote:I think Ulf's right. Not many people seem to use ColdFusion generally, and I don't see much sign of anybody using it for new projects unless they're already committed to using it. It's quite a narrow niche, and seems to be shrinking, so I'd avoid getting trapped in the ColdFusion ghetto if I were you.

Thanks for your reply. It will help me weighing my options.
7 years ago

Ulf Dittmer wrote:ColdFusion -the product- has no future, no present, and not even much of a past in the last 5 years or so. Learning it now is wasted effort; even if your company pays you to do that, there are many more useful things you could be learning instead.

Thank you for your straightforward answer. I was looking for the same,whether good or bad.

Ulf Dittmer wrote:I'd question whether it's worth your while to remain at a company so stuck in the past.

I haven't accepted the offer yet. I thought i will search on it as i never heard of this language/product before.
I have done some searching on this, got some fair number of people supporting the language but those were people who are working on ColdFusion for more than 12 years of time.
I couldn't find it very much convincing. Right now i am working with a start up company. I am the only developer. I work on Java and J2EE technology. No one to guide.
So when i got this opportunity from Orzan, i wanted to get on with it but the language becomes problem. Anyway I will get more opportunities.
7 years ago

fred rosenberger wrote:
Not me. I don't know a thing about ColdFusion.

No Problem. I am reading a lot about it on various websites. Here is what i got-
1.CF(ColdFusion) runs on top of Java so large JAVA API is available. Can easily integrate CF with servlet,JSP.
2.It can be easily integrated with .NET also.
3.It also supports Hibernate,Spring,Struts.
4.CF meant RAD.
5.Easily work on database. and a lot more.

Only thing i couldn't figured out is that Will it be wise to switch from Java to CF? and How it will shape my career?
7 years ago

fred rosenberger wrote:
My apologies for the cold fusion confusion.

No need of apologies,fred. It was my fault to put question in MD. Now you know that i am looking for serious answer,you can enlighten me on this one.
7 years ago

Paul Clapham wrote:Moved to "Jobs Discussion".

Thanks a lot sir.
7 years ago

Paul Clapham wrote:But remember that joking is specifically what the Meaningless Drivel forum is for. So if you (Tushar) didn't mean for your post to be the target of jokes, then let us know and one of us will move the post to a suitable forum.

Yes sir. I want actual sincere guidance on this. I wrote this question in MD because i couldn't decide where to put this question. It will be very much appreciated if you help me out with this and put it in appropriate forum.
Thank you.
7 years ago

Matthew Brown wrote:Fred was joking, I'm afraid. He was referring to Cold fusion, not ColdFusion.

If so, then i think i am little bit relieved. I am searching more information online. If you can guide me on this,it would be very welcome.
7 years ago

fred rosenberger wrote:I think it was pretty much discredited in the late 80's, when it was found the researchers fudged some of their data and nobody else could replicate their results.

hmm. Thank you for your reply. But one question, why then this Orzan comapny trying to build websites with ColdFusion? and Why Adobe still continue their production of ColdFusion framework?
Sorry, i have very limited knowledge on this, i am trying to make sense out of it so i can decide whether or not to join this Course. They are going to offer job to selected candidates.
7 years ago

fred rosenberger wrote:I would caution you though...there is a lot of garbage out there, too. "There has GOT to be a better way".

Yes i have found out that in one of forum where i mentioned roseindia is a good website and found out that it contains crappy material. Now i also look for quality content,ask my seniors where they look for stuff,hang out more on JavaRanch.
7 years ago

fred rosenberger wrote:I have about 20 here in the office, and about 20 more at home.

Thank you for trying to calm my nerves. But now i am settled with idea of reading couple of hundred tech books.

fred rosenberger wrote:
I've also found that much of the other stuff I need, google is a terrific reference.

There is famous quote from one of bollywood movie "Jiska koi nahi hota,uska bhagwan hota hai". Rough translation would be "those who don't have anyone, have god with them".
For programmers, we use "those who don't know nothing, Google is with them". Google is best friend to beginners like me.
7 years ago
Today i got opportunity to learn at Ozran Academy. They will be giving training on ColdFusion technology. I want to know that is there any future with ColdFusion? What kind of opportunity i can get?
How it will shape my future?
You can also mention necessary things which didn't occurred to me.
7 years ago
Speed: 4Mbps/1Mbps (Download/Upload)
Cost: 1400 Indian Rupees / $25 assuming 1$=55 rs
Country: India
Setup: Broadband (ISP:Tikona)
7 years ago

Pat Farrell wrote:Just took a quick snapshot of the book wall in my office.

that's a lot of book,Sir.
great Collection.

Pat Farrell wrote:There will always be new technologies to learn. I sure would not have wanted to spend nearly 40 years doing vintage 1972 Fortran.

When i started this topic,didn't thought that way. Yeah,One doesn't want to spend his life working on one language when there will be new modern language to do stuff easily.

Bear Bibeault wrote:There's a term for an older software developer who doesn't keep up-to-date with new things: unemployed.

new perspective.Thanks.

Jeanne Boyarsky wrote:I read 10-20 tech books a year.

I think i will borrow this habit from you.

finally, i would like to thank

chris webster

for bringing this question to my mind and

all other's who have commented here

for giving me this new perspective.
7 years ago

Bear Bibeault wrote:The "purged pile" is large because I have 34 years in the industry.

I still find it as an amazing achievement. I think, most people will give up reading new books when they have few years of experience and from the number of books you have read, looks like you have never lost the hunger of learning new things. And that's the main Accomplishment.
7 years ago