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Recent posts by Howard Amos

I had the same problems.

Upon investigation I concluded that for me (on Mac OS X, java 1.6.0_33-b03-424-10M3720) MidiSystem.getSynthesizer did *NOT* return the same synthesizer that the sequencer was by default connected to.

The sequencer is already connected to *A* synthesizer. If you do a getSynthesizer and connect it up then your sequencer will drive *TWO* synthesizers. You can test this by calling sequencer.getTransmitters and looping through the list (of transmitters open and in use).

I suggest that this is why setting volume to zero reduces the volume but doesn't shut it off completely!

Of course different java environments might behave differently.

Possible solutiona:

1 (the one I used)

Don't use the synthesizer object because you can't get to it (but see solution 2). Don't use Channels. To control volume use:

receiver = seq.getTransmitters ().iterator ().next ().getReceiver ();
receiver.send (volumeMessage, -1);

This is of course suitable for both software and hardware synth so should simplify the code.

2 (not tested)

Use getSynthesizer and connect transmitter and receiver as lots of sample code tells you, BUT
do something like: seq.getTransmitters ().iterator ().next ().close ()
to shut down the default synthesizer started for you.

Then with any luck you can get the channels and the sample code might work.
6 years ago