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Recent posts by Rob Proesmans

I have the following problem:

Above you can see I get the parameters for my servlet when I hover over the a href class="popper" which works.. But the problem is that it always gets the LAST "a href" parameters in the foreach loop...

Is there any javascript or jquery possibility that I can get the a href value LIVE when i hover over it... when I hover over these links my browser sees the parameters changing, but javascript won't fetch it.. Javascript takes the first or the last ahref in the loop...

Please help me, I have been searching for a solution for more then 2 days :(
Or maybe there is still a solution in sql to have an overview for each day..
5 years ago
Dear people

For my school project I need to make a clocking system for employees in jsp. I management to become a clocking card for each employee. This data comes from a date/time field in the database.
But now I want to know how many minutes each employee has worked each day. I have searched for some sql functions to do this, but I don't think there is any proper function that is capable of managing what I ask for.

What I want to become is that an employee can clock 4 times each day. And that there is an overview of how many minutes each employee worked each day.

In the attachment you can find the clocking card that I already have.

How can I do this in jsp?

Thank you in advance!!

If there are any questions I will answer fast.

Greetings from Belgium

5 years ago

Hello programmers,

I have a JSP/servlet application running on a glassfish server with mysql database.
The problem is that my application runs too slow. I debugged for hours to find out the problem where the application slacks...

Everytime my debugpoint passes the request.dispatch from Servlet to JSP, it takes 2-3 seconds. Is this normal?
Could this be the reason that my jsp page loads 2-3 seconds after a response from a servlet?
In my servlet, I generate 4 session attributes, in total they contain approximiate 200 properties.
Are these properties maybe the reason why my dispatch loads slow?

in other words: Is the dispatch.forward the problem? Or does a heavy session attribute slacks my applications? or is the attribute only being called when i mention session.getattribute("")

Thank you everyone for reading
5 years ago
Ok thank you man, so you suggest to export the data from the servlet (arraylists with objects in it) to XML.
And then import XML to Flex, is this the proper way to do it?
5 years ago
Dear programming friends,

I have made an jsp/servlet application to manage appointments.

As an extra:
I am making a FLEX (flash) interface In Adobe flash builder, to manage these appointments with drag and drop functions etc..
But I have a problem: Is it possible to communicate in flash with java Servlets?

Maybe I have to export all my arraylists and parameters to arraycollections in flex (So I can build up my flash website with imported arraylists), or is there an easier way?

When I would make an appointment in flash, my servlet requires some parameters, is it possible to send them through?

I hope someone can help me, I have been googling this for hours. I haven't found a solution yet.
There was an earlier topic about this on javaranch, but the URL links they gave to help the guy out are all dead right now :'(

5 years ago
omg, this is not real, i want to jump out of my window, i just had to restart netbeans ==> problem fixed

wanna cry now
5 years ago
Hello, I am searching for almost 5 hours how to send an non-authenticated/authenticated email through javamail with gmail as SMTP server.
I do not want to use SSL but I rather prefer TLS.

The problem is, that i keep having this error: Unrecognized SSL message, plaintext connection?

here is my code:

i don't understand why it keeps saying this error.
please can anybody help me out? (I have the mail.jar & activation.jar in my lib)
5 years ago