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Recent posts by Jawahar Rajan

Andy/ Dave,
I am currently involved in a project that has a tight timeline and Unit testing has to be done. We are however developing on .NET platform (I hope I am not turning too many heads). Are there any tools like Junit available for .Net framework or C# .
When developing a plan what should we put our energies into given a short time line.
Unit Testing to me involves testing all possible outcomes but how do we actually prove the the test. I mean do we write out values that we expect to a log file or even a Database. Do we call our methods using a second program and then check for success.
For example a simple user login. There are serveral outcomes, fail, the password could have expired, the user is locked out, the user/pwd combination is invalid, the userID and PWD could be less than or more than the required lengths allowed. Other than physically calling the login screen several times to test the application (which the amounts to user testing/Validation) how would one approach this process as a developer.
writing the results to log files involves using extra code that then needs to be reomoved later - is this acceptable.
Should we instead have a second application process that will instantiate our classes and then test the outcomes based on a predefined values. Like say have a flat file with 9 combinations of userID and PWD (Randomly generated),then test test these combinations hoping that all outcomes have been meet. This of course involves writting up rules; but perhaps having a rule table would suit us best.
Just courious looking for ideas as "Unit testing" seems to be the Buzz word. Does your book use JUnit or a another tool for illustration?
18 years ago
I am on a project team dedciding weather to use a Front End Controller or a Page controlled in the MVC that we are setting up.
The application will be Web Facing and will employ a wizard to help users navigate. Hence the tendency may be towards a Front end controler, rather than a Page Controller. But Front Controller seems rather complex and page controller requires seprate controller for each page. this inturn effects security.
what would be some condsiderations when make such a decisions
Any help is appreciated
I have some questions regarding Open Office
Is Developer version available from the open office Website?
Does the developer version have the classes that can be extended or implemented in a java project?
Can open office be used to connect to RDBMS as a standalone or will I need to use some other interface /Layer.
I guess I am asking if for example like MS Excel/ Word which can directlyconnect to an RDBMS using ODBC. Can I do the same using JDBC or JDO from an open office source?
Any suggestion or comments welcome
All war mongers say that Resolution 1441 was the final offer to Iraq. If they do not comply they will face serious consequences. Fine if this means war then so be it. The US will enforce the war and win.
After this war will the US then enforce the resoulutions that the UN has passed on Israel since 1948 to comply with those resolutions.
Just think for a moment, if after the war on Iraq, the US just sits on it ass and never cares about the Other Middle Eastern problem namely Israel/Palestine.
Why are Resolutions that are passed on Isarel never enforced.
Will Colin Powell make the same efforts to his European firends to force Israel to give its occupation of land and return to 1967 or even 1974 borders?
I have heard it argued in this group that European terroists in the 70's and 80's were Idealist but the terrorist toady are different?
Please get real a terroist is a terroist. In the 70's the IRA was funded in amajor way from the US and lets not pretend about this fact.
Peace is possible when we begin to realize that humans cannot be confined for ever.
A good example of this is the Sir Lanka/Tamil tiger peace accord. Both have realized that the way forward is to comprise a little and respect each other. The US I am afraid does not respect people who may choose to live differently. By this I mean a different religion and type of government.
It has taken the western countries almost 1700 years to get to the level of demoracy we have toady. DO youtnik that you can go in and impose Jeffersonian Style Demoracy in countries that are still 500 years behind in terms of Demoracy?
Just a few thoughts
Jawahar :roll:
19 years ago
I hope the war mongers remember that any strike(s) will have civilian loss of life. Even if one innocent civilian is lost the war is unjustified.
Remember that a JUST WAR is one in which the victor has no finincial gain.
If the UD really wants to help the Iraqi people; then after Sadam is removed the UN should step in and manage any transition to Demoracy etc. not Tommy Franks or some other BUSH Poodle..
I wish BUSH , Rumsfield, Rice, Powell et al recall
Matahma's Gandhi's life and works

LOVE YOUR CHILDREN but also love your neighbour's children, even more if the need is greater.

Just as Side:
North Korea currently has
5000 tons Sarin,
at least 3 nuclear war heads with rockets that could reach the west coast,
Lots of Anthrax,
unknown quantity of Small Pox.
So let the people dedcide who is more of a threat.
my 2cents
19 years ago
1) Can star Office be extended in applications similar to MS office suite.
For example can I instantiate an instance of say the star office word processing program as an object in Java.
Really does it have class that can be imorted into a java application.
2) What kind of Database system does star Office provide? if any
Thanks in advance
"Say no to War"
Doha (Qatar)
19 years ago
I am looking for part time or voulenteer opprotunities working with servlets and JSP's; any level - North Carolina
19 years ago
I am trying out a simple servlet (just started learning Servlets and JSP's)
In the init method of my servlet I am trying to write out to the console (dos console).
I am not able to do so, but if I do this in the service method I am sucessful
see below:
import javax.servlet.*;
import java.util.Enumeration;
import java.io.IOException;
public class ConfigDemoServlet extends ReserveConfigServlet {
public void init(ServletConfig config) throws ServletException {
Enumeration parameters = servletConfig.getInitParameterNames();
while (parameters.hasMoreElements()) {
String parameter = (String) parameters.nextElement();
System.out.println("Parameter name : " + parameter);
System.out.println("Parameter value : " +
public void destroy() {
public void service(ServletRequest request, ServletResponse response)
throws ServletException, IOException {
System.out.println("Works here");
public String getServletInfo() {
return null;
public ServletConfig getServletConfig() {
return null;
I am using Tomcat versio 4.12. I have understood that the servlet container call the init method when the servlet is first instantiated and passes it a ServletConfig object.
Any help is welcome
19 years ago
Is your book for beginners or more seasoned developers. Do you start from the begining for JSP's JSPTAGS and struts. Or is your other book on professional JSP's, more of a beginers book.
MY other question to you is:
I have small project in which I need to display some data. The data is obtained via a simple query contained in an EJB (contains some business logic)
In my JSP I have used a TAG like so:
<univ:studentselection Test_ID="01">
These types of tags should they be described in a Tag Library. Can this library be an XML file?
My tag makes a call to a Studentselection class that is defined in an EJB. is this approach correct?
19 years ago
Where can I find a good tutorial on theuse of asertions, which is a new topic for the Java 1.4 exam?
An example would be helpful
What I have understood so far is:
assertions are used to validate public methods by checking if a particular boolean is set to true within the method
Is this correct