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Dharmin Desai

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Recent posts by Dharmin Desai

My servlets are working Okay since i put them along with EJB Classes i need not required them to import.
Thanks for reply.
Hi buddies,
I hv one entity bean named CasePaperBean (with CasePaper - remote interface and CasePaperHome - Home interface) which is running cool as i hv tested it from jsp.
( <%@ page import="CasePaper,CasePaperHome,javax.ejb.* like wise)
But when i am trying to access it from servlet (import CasePaper;import CasePaperHome
ant is giving an error like import CasePaper; - dot (.) expected.
Should i need to code Entity Bean in Package, please help !
- Dharmin
Dear friends,
I m using J2EE1.3 SUN Server with its own Deployment tool.
My code can pick up JNDI name.
But it is saying, It can not locate proper driver. I m using TYPE 4 Oracle driver (classes12.jar) and my tables are at database server.
Please tell me where to put my driver jar file in the path ? it is already set in the classpath but it is saying " CAN NOT FIND PROPER DRIVER "?
Should i provide server IP address in the connect string ? Please answer.
- Dharmin
dear friends,
My JSP when executes give me " Servlet Exception " under which it is showing " java.lang.OutofMemoryError " as a root cause.
I m using tomcat as my container !
Can anybody help ?
- Dharmin
19 years ago
Dear friends,
Can anybody suggest a good book or any good resource to learn EJB and EJB Container ?
Thanks in anticipation.
- Dharmin
Dear all,
I hv cleared down SCWCD on 19th feb. with 88%
Thanks to all here.
A special thanks to peter for answering my doubts with personal msg.
Sincerely Dharmin
19 years ago
Thanks every body
Specially to Dominic, shweta and kevin.
I hv brushed up my fundamentals from SCJP book.

- Dharmin
I dis agree with Shweta in 2 manners:
=> Specification

If a servlet implements this interface, you are guaranteed that no two threads will
execute concurrently in the servlet´┐Żs service method

there is no guarantee for Variables who r Instance variable.
=> Maintaining pool of Instances (Each request must hv an individual and unique instance) would help u to make Instance variable Thread safe. But synchronize access to service method will not help u to make Instance variable THERAD SAFE.
=> <b> Either maintaining Instances of Servlets or make a syanchronized access to service method is a container specific issue.</b> Specification has written that, it is not binding container for which approch to follow.

Shweta, i hv checked up at Manning book, Manning book has written the way u hv posted. But i m posting a same question for Book Authors at
Best Regards, Dharmin
[ February 04, 2003: Message edited by: Dharmin Desai ]
[ February 04, 2003: Message edited by: Dharmin Desai ]
dear all ranchers,
Please tell me the type of questions asked from " Design Patterns " topic.
Any ranchers who has cleared down the exam can answer.
Thanks in anticipation.
- Dharmin
Dear Dominic,
The Instance variables r those which r declared at class level, the variables which r declared in the service method r known as " Local Variables "
See to my answers at previous thread:
Best regards, Dharmin
Dear chau and vivek,
Instance variable of Servlet who implements SingleThreadModel r not Thread safe
And it is very obvious that Instance variable of Servlet who didn't implements SingleThreadModel r also not Thread safe.
The servlet who implements SingleThreadModel, makes synchronize access for only service() method. So local variable of Servlet becomes thread safe, if servlet implements SingleThreadModel but, Instance variable always remains unsafe whether servlet implements SingleThreadModel or not.
Hope this helps
best regards, Dharmin
[ February 02, 2003: Message edited by: Dharmin Desai ]
dear aruna,

<@page buffer="none"> can I still use the implicit outvariable

Here declaring "buffer=none" for a jsp page, is not restricting u to use a variable out.
but as u write something to out
by using out.print() or out.println(), it will directly send that to client browser.
May somebody else can throw more light on it.
Best regards, Dharmin
dear aruna,


U r declaring a default servlet here. With every requests Container try to match Url pattern, if it found no match then it will call this servlet.


It should call BlueServlet when path info is "/" and servlet path is "/Blue".
here second slash will restrict u to use path info not more then slash.
Whereas in case of


It is not restricting u on length/size of the path info.
Hope this helps,
Best Regards, Dharmin