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Recent posts by Vipul Mehta

I am developing an ExpenseManager app in android, where i am implementing a fragmentActivity. This fragment shows the account summary page with details such as Account Balance, Account Last Transaction Amount and other details.

The AccountSummary Activity is a multi tab activity implemented with ViewPager, ActionBar, FragmentPageAdapter and FragmentActivity.

The layout of summary page will be common for all the accounts and only the data will get changed depending which account user has selected.

Now i want to implement this activity where i can reuse/ duplicate the same fragment layout (not the instance) across all the accounts or (ActionBar Tabs). so when the user selects any tab from actionBar, it should load/show/display a fragment along with that account data.

(I know that i need to create dynamic Fragment with different TagName and need to replace with the help of FragmentTransaction. But somehow this solution doesnt works)

This is similar to the application on PlayStore with the App layout as AppImage

Could you be able to post solution with the help of example code ? As i have been struggling to find solution but to no use.

Thanks in advance
3 years ago
Hi, i am using Spring 3 MVC and i am bit new to it...
i want to incorporate the same funcationality of struts actionerror in spring 3

functionality i want to achieve is :

this functionality is same as Struts2 addActionError method...where in you keep on adding all the error message and are displayed using s:actionmessage on jsp page..

Now, what i am aware with
1. I am aware with validationUtils class. but it validates only empty or condition are not limited to it
2. ValidationUtil class validates the error on bean variable ONLY..
3. Error message can only be viewed on jsp by form:error tag

I simple want the flexibility where i will run a for loop check for condition and would simply keep on adding error message in a bucket
Hi all,
i want to customize the display:tag view..such that the
1. Page options should be available at the bottom of the table
2. The page options be alligned at the right
3. Export options be available at the top of table
4. And Export options be alligned at the right of the table

is it possible to do with some property change or through css file change ??
IMO, allignment can be achieved by css change..but can the Export and Pagination ve swapped ??

Bill Gorder wrote:I am not sure what you are asking but it sounds like you want to add multiple lists to the model so its available in the JSP

Thanks...this worked for me...
5 years ago
How to use spring3 form:radiobuttons tage ??
here is my current code, which is working

bean class

jsp file

Controller class to load JSP File

Now here i have returned only one commandObject name 'schedulerCommand'.
Considering that jsp page is a registration page and has a list of radio button, one for sex, 2nd for course, 3rd for Class Studying etc... and if i go by this method of having all list object stored in the bean..which is like hard-cording way..

i rather want to have in the foll. way,

These list object will have list of Lookup class and in turn will have a single entry.
and i want to have access for all the these list object in can i achieve in the above code ??
5 years ago