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Recent posts by dhaval thakor

Ya as i restart server , Exception is gone.

thanks akhilesh for answer.
5 years ago
while calling servlet from ajax, I am getting this exception.

it works fine. no problems anywhere not even single problem i am facing.

can any one tell me ? why i am getting this exception ? will it be any problem when my application on air.??

what does it means..?
Please explain me.
Thanks .

5 years ago
Your post is saved my couple hours..

Thank you very much.
This is my code .

In which i am doing connection with payment gateway and check payment of particular order is completed or not.?
This url will return string .
but i am getting below exception..

Please tell me what to do..?

Exception is :
Hello guys,

I don't know into which category i should write this post. If any one find particular category,
please move this post to that category. Thanks

facing problem regarding payment gateway.
I am using ccavenue payment gateway.

Scenario :

Client come to the website , make payment but still he is at bank's website and
after 2 sec client automaticaly redirected to ccavenue website.
and after that from there client will redirect to my website .
so payment is successfully done.

but problem is that if client close his browser or his pc suddenly shutdown or
for any reason client could not reach to mywebsite when he was redirected to ccavenue website ,
at that time my website wont get payment status of that order and database wont be update for that user.

but there is facility to check payment status of that order at ccavenue payment gateway.
we check this by below url:

and we get on same url page:

i am not getting how to retrieve that error parameter or any string sent by ccavenue.

while talking with customer care of ccavenue , he said that , " this is server to server call and you have to get request parameter"

can any body explain with code.???


5 years ago
Thanks for answer Bear Bibeault.

Actually i was trying to retrieve value of extarea of YUI.

and that code i am posting below.

I have tried below solution to retrieve value
YUI has special function to retrieve its html code into textarea.
I didn't use it before. Now i have used it now.
I have inserted code for solution
where i am trying fatch value of text area and passes it to hidden field.

Thanks for the response..

Thanks you coderanch.
Here i have given form , where i am trying to forward value of textarea to next jsp page and i am getting it using request.getParameter("Message").toString();
but i am getting only space.

please tell me what can be the issue for that..?

Thanks for your replies dear..

I solved the problem actually there was problem in coding some thing missing..
Now it works fine..

Thanks again.
5 years ago

I have checked my code many time to make sure that whether page contains any variable or object with null reference but i dint find anything wrong..
I am integrating payment gateway to my website. Payment process going good but after payment transferred
ccavenue (which is payment gateway) it returns to redirecturl.jsp page but here i am getting http 500 error with null pointer exception.
Please help me to solve out this problem.
Thanks in advance.

5 years ago
No . It does not show any error ... or change behaviour in html format...
simply does not work..

My html code....
I have updated my problem with html code .... please have a look at it.
Ok from next time i will keep in mind by giving title of posts.

But can you please tell me what would be problem with that code in safari .. so it is not working in safari..?
I am really sorry for that david...I was new to forums.....

will keep in mind not to do again.
5 years ago