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Restful web services are independent of EJB 3.

Starting from JEE 6 , Jersey is your standard rest framework, so I suggest you take a look at Jersey, and see how you can implement it with your EJB project.

I have a 'simple' question, what is the status of Google Guice nowadays?
Does it get used a lot?
Does anyone of you have experience or are you using it in your own applications?
And when or why would I chose Guice over EJB or Spring for DI?

Thanks in advance,

I can only 'amen' that.

I only joined today but I've been helped more then my whole time on stackexchange, where people rather make you feel dumb by pointing out typo's and trivial mistakes rather then be constructive and helpful.

So a big thank you from me too.
7 years ago
I think I understand it better now. And If I understand it correctly then I think you are doing a good job.

You have your JSP for the view, you have your Servlet for initialising and generating the things you need to show in a JSP again, and in that Servlet you get your data from your Webservice stub/class.

That seem pretty ok to me.

I am by no means a java Guru or Expert (intermediate at best), but in my opinion this is good. Maybe a more experienced person has something different to say about this...
7 years ago
I think you should catch your Web service in some backend logic code and parse the result into your JSP. Not directly in your JSP.

I don't even think it is possible??

Just use something like Axis to parse the web service into a backend logic class.

I hope this helps
7 years ago

Jesper de Jong wrote:
What kind of data do you expect has to be exchanged between back-end and front-end? Is it a lot of data, or not so much? Large, complex objects? How important is performance?

We will exchange some complex data between frond and backend. Currently we are using SOAP for our GUI but it really becomes a very complex mess because application logic is also taking into account when building up the envelope.
7 years ago

Currently at work we have a big discussion about what technology we should use for the web part of our project.
We use a Java backend for our business logic and will work with an application container.

We will also provide a WEB GUI to present our users with a web interface.
No here is where the discussion breaks loose.

Part of us wants to use a Java framework for the GUI, basically because we use Java for our backend and because we are setting up an application container, so it seems logical for us to build a Java front end upon a Java backend, so we can pass around objects, set up the security in our container etc.

The other part wants to build a complete GUI upon web services we will provide.

Now I want to ask the question, which is better? And more important why? Because I will have to give details as to why to choose one over the other.

Thanks for reading this and already thanks for the ones trying to help.
7 years ago