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Kunal Dodeja

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Recent posts by Kunal Dodeja

Hi Bert,

If I refer K&B 6 AND Java Complete Reference EIGHTH EDITION which includes newer SE7 features, then will it be sufficient for OCPJP Exam.....

This is because, many of us can't wait for K&B 7 to come...
Thanks Mala.

I got the exact price. Its Rs 8014/- as per official oracle site.
That means 8014 for Associate & 8014 for Programmer, a total of 16028 to become a Java SE7 Certified Programmer !!!
I got the Testing Center too which is very near to my place.
Hi Guys,

Can someone tell me what is exact cost for giving exams - OCAJP & OCPJP exams in INDIA...

I dont want any training package from oracle....Since I have self study material.