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Recent posts by Abubakkar Rangara

Hi Ian,

Sorry, I posted my question earlier in a wrong place.

I can see from the index that you have covered many topics, but what is in your book different from say "Clean Code by R. Martin" that would attract/interest an experienced Java developer?
1 year ago
A warm welcome to Scott & Jeanne.

I would like to ask both of you a question - How do you come up with multiple choice based questions?

I find it really difficult and hard to create even few questions as there are lots of things to be considered. And writing a book of such type is a mammoth task I believe compared to writing anything which involves more textual stuff than code.

Thanks Maurice for your reply.
6 years ago
Hi Maurice,

I have experience working with Java for 3 years now and have been trying to learn Java 8 but haven't been yet successful. I get confused and find it hard while starting to learn about Lambda expressions.

I would like to know how your book will help people like me who are very new to Lambda expressions? Is it design/written for absolute beginners or you need some knowledge about Lambda expression before starting with the book?
6 years ago

Roel De Nijs wrote:

Abubakkar Rangara wrote:If I prepare first 6 chapters, will it cover all objectives for OCAJP (Exam 1Z0-803)?

Yes! You only have to read and study all the chapters from Part I to prepare yourself for the OCAJP7 exam. Part II are the chapters required for the OCPJP7 exam.

Thank you Roel.
I want to give OCA JP exam. (Exam 1Z0-803).

I was checking on some books and found one written by K&B - OCA/OCP Java SE 7 Programmer I & II Study Guide (Exams 1Z0-803 & 1Z0-804).

I just want to confirm that do I need to read each and every chapter in this book to just pass OCA (I will plan later for OCP).

If I prepare first 6 chapters, will it cover all objectives for OCAJP (Exam 1Z0-803)?

Please help me in making a decision before appearing for exam.
Thanks Devaka, James for your values opinion.

I was in a confusion as to whether directly use a simulator and give the exam or do a self-study and then go for the exam.

I will now start preparing myself with a self-study before taking the exam.
If James or anyone else can answer,

Can I score good marks in the certification exam just completing the exam simulator tests?

I know Java since 2-3 years have worked on it.

I am asking this because I have much work everyday as I am a working professional.
Hi All,

Thanks you very much James for the promotion.

Thanks to The CodeRanch Book Promo Team.

And congrats to all fellow winners.
That's true Roel. Thanks for sharing your experience.
A question for James,

Do I need a certification to justify my experience in the IT industry.

I know that certification clears a lot of myth that developers have in mind about java. In fact, I also agree that they get a huge amount of knowledge while preparing for certification.

But does that make a sought-after candidate for the industry level development (assuming that I have all those certification from the very basic to the advanced levels)?

Thanks, thats why I was amazed why they were appearing there.
Hi James,

I was reading a list of objective comparison here https://coderanch.com/how-to/java/OCAJP7andOCPJP7vsOCJP6

Can you please explain what were the reason to include the following objectives into OCAJP and not OCPJP.

1.5 Use virtual method invocation
3.5 Design a class using the Singleton design pattern
3.6 Write code to implement the DAO pattern
3.7 Design and create objects using a factory, and use factories from the API
11.2 Apply atomic variables and locks
11.3 Use Executors and ThreadPools
11.4 Use the parallel Fork/Join Framework

Because I think these are a bit advanced topics that could have suited well with OCPJP and not OCAJP.

OCAJP is a stepping stone for OCPJP and if some finds these objectives as difficult then it would de-motivate him/her to proceed further.