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Recent posts by Sameera Liyanage

I am newer to java EE. so, i want to gneterate java entity class from the database. then, i have seen in some projects have two java classes are generated for on table in the database.
Ex: Table name-- "student"

So entity like this way-- /

I have only seen. but i tried much time. i couldn't.
Please tell me how to generate like this way?

My project is java Spring MVC project.
9 years ago
I am developing an andriod app. So, now i want to get names of all files which are in the "MyAppFolder" folder. it is a parallel folder to "download" folder. i tried so many times and searched whole the internet. but i can't answer yet.
I have used following code to get the names. but it is not useful. I think there may be a wrong with path or something. please help me.

9 years ago
I have a maven project. it is build successful. but when deploy, it gives following errors.

I have searched hundread of web sites about this. but i cannot solve this. please help me.
9 years ago
I have confused with this problem. i want to know how to work this.

9 years ago
I want to get month name and remain number of dates when i have number of dates from january first.
ex: number of dates= 33
so then month = February
remain dates =2
and also when i give the year, check whether it is leap year or not.
So, my question is how i can do these things in java?
9 years ago
i was got a code as follow. can i know wether it is a selection sort or not?
10 years ago
Thank You very much dear. i got it.
I use this way. but this code segment does not work.
I have created a simple java project using netbeans and musql. Ii works in netbeans properly. but i want to convert it into .exe file to run any windows PC. so, i tried for that using exe4j tool. but it generated a error called "Java.IoFileNOtFoundException". please tell me how can i do that? thank for your every answers.
thanks you very much my senior. very much. problem is solved.
there was a so many single quotes unnecessary.
e.printStackTrace() is not accepted.
when put it, a compile error generate as " 'void' type not allowed here".
I hava follwing method for search.

No error in this code. but, work only catch block every time. So i cannot imagine what i should do for this. please tell How can i search them or what is the above error.? thank you.
Thnk you vety much my friend. if it is trouble to you very sory.
I may be unlucky one today. I try to do.
Thank you very much my friend.
Still i cannot do this.
I created following code segment to get result set.

so i can get result set by calling to this view method. And also, i have created another class called "ViewALL". it has only a jTable.
So, now want to set that result set on this jtable. plese help me.
If you give me suitable code segment for this it will be more helpful me.
thank you very much.
Yes i can connect. Connection code segment is ok. i got result set by SELECT * FROM persons;
now my question is how to this result set put on a jtable?
I have database called details. It has table called persons. persons have name, telePhoneNum, Address fields. So i want to represent this persons table in a jTable which is JFrame. I cannot understand that. I searched in google whole night.but no one is as i understand. Please hellp me?