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Sivakumar Paramjothi

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Recent posts by Sivakumar Paramjothi

Last week I cleared Part 1, thanks to all who shared lot of inputs for the part 1 Qs posted. I have below questions w.r.t Part 2 & 3, appreciate your assistance in clarifying these....

1. Do I need to complete the mandatory course before taking up Part 2/3...? I did see someone writing a comment that part 2 & 3 were completed without the mandatory course, but wanted to confirm.
2. What is the min. level of hands on architecting experience needed for Parts 2/3..? I'm now transitioning from managerial role to technical role, hence I struggled a lot to barely pass part 1 since it was way above estimated level of complexity and hands on experience was apparent need.
3. What is the mode of delivering part 2..?
4. I assume part 3 is class room exam (just like part 1) and part 3 Qs are on the solution delivered as part of part 2. Is that correct?
Is there a score card and/or email thats sent at the end of OCEA Part 1 completion?
"Sun Certified Enterprise Architect for Java EE Study Guide" by Mark Cade, Humphrey Sheil
I'm using below references for Part 1 preparation, can someone please confirm if this will be sufficient for the exam (to get a decent score, say 75%)...?

1. SCEA study guide
2. Core J2EE design patterns
3. Head first design patterns
4. JEE 5 tutorial

Also does anyone have any idea if there is any pointer on the upgrade of certification (to EE6..?).. (Since i'm planning to take up the exam by Nov 1st week, would like to know if the exam will undergo any change before that)
Thanks a lot Cathal, Jeanne.... This helps...
Jeane - Need your help & inputs here... I did read your response to the same question in different thread and i just read the SCEA experience that you posted as welll (part 1)... I see you completed part 1 in July and its hard to think Oracle has made the course mandatory now... can you clarify please...? (The support staff was not sure of the question when i asked 1st time and when i contacted her 2nd day, she said 'Yes').. should i try to talk to someone else from Oracle on this...?

Also i completely agree with your point of view, of clearing part 1 and using that credential in the resume... of course its not easy to afford to pay for the course so part 1 will do for me (for now)...

looking forward to your inputs...
I just had a chat with Oracle support staff and she confirmed that the course is mandatory for taking up part 1 exam... Is there any reference or pointer you have that confirms that this is NOT required... appreciate your help in this regard...
Do I need to take up the mandatory course for appearing Part 1 exam of OCEA...? I contacted Oracle Univ, but the support staff was not sure, and got my number for call back...

If the answer is "Yes", at the end of Part 1 exam, will there be any mail on Part 1 result or Score card that will be provided...?