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surya chintalapudi

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since Sep 13, 2012
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Recent posts by surya chintalapudi

HI friends, I am New from using json..please help

I hav a one query in json
1)i have a jsp page in this jsp i have two drop downs 1)country and 2)states
2)by using url i am hiting servlet in servlet i m taking a map for countries by using json obj how to display countries in my country dropdown and seting countries in my country dropdown options values.
Hi friends,

I am new to the ibm connections. please help me out with following queries.

1)configuration of ibm connections.
2)customizing the ibm connections.
3)Architecturie of ibm connections.
4)how to integrate ibm connection with portal sever(jsr286).
5)how to give access to ibm connections for external users.

iam new from the Hibernate and spring..i hav a one query.i want to fetch data from database.we have 3 tables users,roles,userroles
the fields of users table is userid,loginid,password,status,createdby,updatedby,,createdts,updatedts.
the fields of roles table is roleid,rolename,roledesc.
the fields of usersroles table is userroleid,userid,roleid,status,createdby,updatedby,,createdts,updatedts.

in my front end i want dispaly loginid and raolename.
Ex: loginid role
kevin admin,tester
steve admin
surya developer,admin,aa

note:one user haveing any no. of role.....roles must be seperated by ,
i am new from the wowza media server... in that how to write a application for audio to configure and how to run the application
11 years ago
Hai..Friends..Iam new from java...i have a one doubt...How To use WowzaMediaSeraver for Audio....
11 years ago
how to Implement a stack operations using ArrayList (Note:- java.util.stack need not be used)
11 years ago
i have a small doubt in which seniors we use get and post methods...please don't say differences(when we use commandlink on that scenarios we use get only)
11 years ago
Iam new from the IBM Websphere to achive Single Signon in ibm websphere portal....
11 years ago
I am completely new to java technology, can some one tell me the difference between JSP and JSPF. And please provide some useful links or good material. Thanks in advance
11 years ago