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Recent posts by Mohamed Ghaiban

Souvik: I am finding the entire chapter 3 Assignments from K&B Book for OCJP 1.6 bit difficult to grasp
some of the trickier concepts are difficlt to grasp and also the questions were more trickier rather than difficult to answer. Any solutions for this will be appreciable.
@James: Thanks for your valuable time in replying me.. FYI I am Planning to Take up OCPJP 6 which is 310 065 or 1Z0 851..

can you please suggest me how should I need to start for preparing the examination in detailed steps like what to read, how to read.

Kindly do the needful
Hello Ranchers!!!

I have worked for 2 years on Struts2 now I am Planning to undertake OCPJP Examination as of now I have downloaded K&B book and planning to purchase Whizlabs Self study exam simualtor costing around 2.5Ks I have the following queries regarding this:

1. Are these materials sufficient enough ??

2. How to read and prepare for the examination??

Waiting for your Valueable suggestions and guidance.

Thank you !!!