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Recent posts by shifahim shif


I need iPlanet's certutil command to help me

1. generate private and public keys
2. Generate .csr certificte request for Verisign

it should be RSA 2048 bits with SHA256 and it should have the OU, city, Location Country etc options with the command.

I have been doing CSR with SHA1 (0ption -Z SHA-1) and the keys were also generated while SHA256 was not in our consideration.

While i dont have / know the command to generate the key pair below is what i use for generating the CSR.

./certutil -R -s ",OU=bank1 acc,O=mybank co,L=Mumbai,ST=Maharashtra,C=IN" -a -o request.csr -k rsa -g 2048 -v 12 -d /opt/app/www/alias -P vir1_7009- -Z SHA1

Can someone Please suggest / help.
9 years ago

I used "mod_rewrite" to redirect the request from Apache HTTP Server (Running on & port 80) to backend Tomcat(Running on & port 8082) and it works.

Below is my configuration in Apache's httpd.conf file.

On the web browser when i hit "" i get this "" which is desired.

I would however like to hide URL "" on the client web browser(end user) and instead show him either




Please let me know what change should I do in my httpd.conf file ?
9 years ago

Ulf Dittmer wrote:Anything in the log files?

Here is the access log:

and here is the error log

Let me know if I need to share some more info.
9 years ago

Ulf Dittmer wrote:mod_jk governs how an Apache integrates with a Tomcat. You may have to use it if you do that (the port 8010 that you used before indicates that you do not, but it's impossible to say from the information given), but it has nothing to do with the redirection we talked about here.

I used the below link to enable mod_rewrite

I m not using mod_jk as of now becoz i am not sure if it is necessary. Using rewrite below is what I put in my httpd.conf of apache webserver.

When i hit on the browser I don't see my application page but a blank page.

Can you help me understand if my configuration is incorrect.

9 years ago

Ulf Dittmer wrote:You'd need a pair of RewriteCond/RewriteRule statements, one each for the two domains. Search for a mod_rewrite tutorial to get you started.

Inorder to achieve the above do I have to use the connector and all the steps mentioned in the below link ?
9 years ago

Ulf Dittmer wrote:Is mod_redirect installed and enabled yet? If not, start with that. There's documentation at

Its enabled. Can you tell me which directive do i have to use to achieve what i wish to achieve ? Any sub section in that link and I should be good.
9 years ago

Ulf Dittmer wrote:What's wrong with mod_redirect? It is a very popular solution.

Can you help me with some example test case which I can refer & seek help off and try at my end.
9 years ago

Ulf Dittmer wrote:I don't know that you can set up anything in httpd.conf to make that happen. It sounds a perfect use case for mod_redirect, assuming that is installed, or that you can install it.

This requirement seems to be very popular, so anyone like to put more light on this and help us know how can we achieve this ?
9 years ago

I have an application on Tomcat with the following two URLs for two components.

1. ""

2. ""

On the same Host, I have /etc/host setup with these DNS

I setup Apache HTTP Webserver

Can you let me know what configuration should i do in httpd.conf file so that shows me this app -> ""

while shows me -> ""

I have a good understanding of Apache and Tomcat but never done something like this.

Please suggest.

9 years ago
I am intending to protect both the WSDL and then the Webservice methods. I am using Weblogic's implementation, thus i want only weblogic's security realm users to go through after providing credentials.
9 years ago

I am new security with webservices. I need a plain java code (webservices) that i can compile and deploy on weblogic server.

Anyone who wants to access my webservice (WSDL) will have to provide credentials (username and password) of any user created on the Application Server.

In my case i will be deploying it on weblogic server, so all users trying to access my WSDL would need to provide weblogic's username / password that i create in weblogic's security realm.

I just need the simplest of java code for webservice.

Compiling, deploying and generating the client to test the webservice is something I would manage myself.

Many Thanks.
9 years ago
I have programmed a multiple JPGs to TIFF converter program in Java using JAI api.

The concern is that I have 17 JPEG images with the total size(sum of all image sizes) of 4.5 MBs.

However, the TIFF file generated has a file size of 52 MB.

I would like the TIFF file to be 4.5 MBs.

Please let me know if this is a known issue and if there is any workaround to reducing the size.
11 years ago