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Kacper Szmigiel

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since Sep 18, 2012
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Recent posts by Kacper Szmigiel

Hey, dude, but internet is polish But, as you wish:

Hope it's ok.
7 years ago
Hello! Can you tell me what's wrong with this code? I turn on server, client - everything is ok, connection etc. But when I write something on client's input sender's thread is just stopping the program. Client doesn't send anything (there isn't any comunicate) and we can't write anything. Here's the client's code:

And server:

7 years ago
Hello. I'm making some small, console, text game, and I want to play music (in MP3 format) in the background. Is it possible?

If I need some special libs, what libs do I need, and how to use them (other source of information than documentation).
Greets, Kacper.
7 years ago
OK, I'vegot it. ClassB just extends ClassA and ObjectA is declarated as ClassA's variable.
7 years ago
I have a short question. How to make object available for every method? For example i want to make object A of class ClassA and run A.make(); in one of ClassB's method. Is it available?
I greet, Kacper.
7 years ago

fred rosenberger wrote:Throw all your code away.


fred rosenberger wrote:sit down with pencil and paper, and write out what your code needs to do first.

Working on this

Any other advices?
7 years ago
So... I'm writing some short text game in console. Why? I just line these games. I already have something about 100 lines of code (intro etc.) but I don't really know anything about making text games. Do you have any technical tips for me? Any special libraries? Some Java API libs that I should to know? Greetings, Kacper.
7 years ago
Oh yeah, my fault. It's about line 24, and the full text of error is:

error: cannot find symbol
przycisk.setText("Zostałem kliknięty");
symbol: variable przycisk
location: class ProstyGUI1

Also, I've compared example from Head First. Java. and my own code. And there's the diffrence:

In my code:

And in the example:

So does the way I will make JButton przycisk (as a component of class or as variable in method). It's all about the diffrence between local and global?
7 years ago
Sorry, bad button
7 years ago

I get "variable przycisk of type Object" in line 26, during compiling. Why?
7 years ago
Wow, I'm impressed. It's not often to found programmers that old, even in internet
7 years ago

Ivan Jozsef Balazs wrote:Anyway, if someone started programming earlier, in good old Cobol, Fortran or C days

What the hell? Are you 60 years old?
7 years ago

Ivan Jozsef Balazs wrote:
The Polish Notation is always welcome ;-)

Not in every corner of the internet, trust me

Here is final, compiled version of my program. Unzip it and type: java directory/glowna

And here you have code:


>Who knows what "a" and "v" stand for in Polish?

7 years ago
Thank you all for answers. It was important to me 'cause of my Fibonacci Numbers program. I've made it by this:

7 years ago
"Thread.sleep called in infine loop." What's wrong? It's by Kemal's method.
7 years ago