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Recent posts by Patty Chen

[Shanghai, China] EMC Senior Technical Writer
We're looking for a Senior Technical Writer in Shanghai, China. This is for a U.S Fortune 500 company EMC (NYSE: EMC,, please send your CV to if you're interested in, thank you.

Experience working for a storage-related company
Native English speaker or a candidate who has spent a period of time living and working in a country where English is the first language
Experience as a  lead writer / managing a team’s schedules and deliverables
Advanced Microsoft Word experience, particularly with creating and modifying templates
Experienced editor/peer reviewer
Strong project management skills
General summary:
Writes, edits, and revises documentation for product development, support services, and customer/end-user activities. Retrieves, organizes, analyzes, and synthesizes basic subject matter and transforms it into easy-to-understand information for specific audiences. Employs various authoring and desktop publishing software tools to produce finished products for: printed or electronic publications, integrated online help systems, and Wiki sites. Works independently with limited direction. Responsible for updating / maintaining own project timelines. Responsible for developing or executing project plans and schedules. Contributes to the development and achievement of organizational goals and objectives.
Principal duties and responsibilities:
Strong, dynamic individual that represents the organization on project teams and may perform technical project leadership roles, while fostering teamwork and collaborating within and across work groups.
Anticipates issues and addresses proactively.
Builds relationships/networks outside of the technical publications department.
Independently plans, coordinates, and executes documentation projects under very general direction.
Participates in the design and development of documentation presentation, distribution systems, and existing processes, while also recommending solutions and improvements.
Responsible for the creation and/or revision of hardware or software product documentation, which includes installation, operation, and maintenance instructions and other technical publications such as technical advisories and release notes.
Exerts sphere of influence outside of work group or department.
Participates in peer reviews.
May seek customer input and take responsibility for customer situations, (internal and external customers).
Education and experience:
Bachelor’s degree
Five to eight years’ experience
Experience working as both an individual contributor and as part of a large team (both remote and local)
Experience working as part of a geo-dispersed team preferable
Other skills:
Excellent communication skills (both written and verbal)
Organizational skills
Strives for professional development
Problem solving skills
Analytical ability
Strong creativity and presentation skills
Time management skills
Clear understanding of business environment
Possesses strong product/technology/industry knowledge
Knowledge of job associated software (Adobe FrameMaker, Illustrator, Microsoft Office Word, Visio, PowerPoint)
Knowledge/exposure to project lifecycles, content specifications, and creating/mapping process flow diagrams
Experience of using Information Mapping methodologies to create content
Experience of working with Wiki-based sites (test for continuous improvements and post/modify content)
Appreciation and understanding of project management methodologies (WBS, project charter, and process)
Experience creating and managing the technical publication process lifecycle for technical content deliverables
Understanding of the business impact that the technical publications group has within the larger organization

Please send your CV to if you're interested in, thank you.

5 years ago
still open and is awaiting for you...
5 years ago

jatan bhavsar wrote:any other opening for Java Developer with 4.3 years Exp at same place or some other place..

We probably need a more senior one with Java Architect, thank you.
5 years ago
Good day! We're looking for a senior Architect in SuZhou. This is for an U.S 500 company, please send your CV to if you're interested in, thank you.

[SuZhou]Snr Architect ** / Director

Please send your CV to, we'll contact you at the earliest time of your convenience.
We're focusing on IT industry with top salary!

Company Overview:
A global provider of Product Engineering and Application Services outsourcing with offices in Boston, San Francisco, Dalian, Guangzhou, Shanghai and Suzhou. One of the top 5 US-Chinese software services businesses in the world.

Key Facts:
Was the first U.S. software services company to 100% acquire a leading Chinese IT development firm.
Francisco partners acquired the company in 2007 to capitalize on the massive growth opportunity for China services.
Headquarters office is located near Boston in Wakefield, Massachusetts, U.S.A.

1. 15+ years working experience.
2. Native English speaker or working abroad for a certain amount of years.
3. Focus on enterprise architect, familar with Java, .net, C++ etc.
4. For Director position, must have 5+ years of people management experience.

Please send your CV to, we'll contact you at the earliest time of your convenience.
We're focusing on IT industry with top salary!
5 years ago