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Recent posts by Srinivas Jasti

manikandan mangatly wrote:Congratzzz Srinivas Jasti !!!

Can you please post how you prepared for the exam and tell me what study material did you read, if possible could you please send me the ebooks/ materials you have used?

Thanks in advance,
Manikandan M

ebooks and materials are the ones which is generally available

I rather used an approach which may help you...

1.Implement examples provided by Martin Kalin(Web Services Up and Running) by yourself then go for
2.Mikalai Zaikin: Notes and Quizzes: again special thanks to him
3.Security(WS-Security,Authorisation , Authentication, SSL)WSIT.(Separated this bcos of its importance)

then Plan for covering other topics

4.Ivan A Krizsan:scjdws 5 notes on specific topics (Patterns, Best practices)
5.Write your own notes on Liberty, Metro (Websites Available),

Test yourself
5.Mikalai Zaikin quizes and Epractize Training Lab(to test your self)

shai ban wrote:

Srinivas Jasti wrote:I passed OCPJWSD 6 , today with 76%

Congrats Srinivas for the wonderful success.
Could you please share your thoughts about the exam like study material, preparation etc.

Hi, following material were used by me...
1.Mikalai Zaikin: Notes and Quizzes:Special thanks to Him..
2.Martin Kalin: Java Web services Up and Running
3.Ivan A Krizsan:scjdws 5 notes on specific topics
4.Epractize Training Lab
I passed OCPJWSD 6 , today with 76%