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Found the link : http://www.javaranch.com/journal/200409/Journal200409.jsp#a3.
This one is written by Mr. Tom Tolman.

One of the best and interesting articles for understanding layout managers.

Anyways, thanks folks for your support and suggestions.

1 year ago
Hi folks,

There was a wonderful small tutorial on the coderanch site about Java Swings that explained how simple elements like JPanel, GridBagLayout, TextBoxes can be created. Unfortunately, I tried searching over google, on the coderanch site but no luck. Can anybody help me with the link...Note that the tutorial was an old one but gave a good conceptual knowledge about Java Swings for beginners. Thanks.
1 year ago
Hi Vinay,

Welcome to Ranch!!

There is nowhere mentioned in Java docs how much size a reference variable shall consume. It is implementation dependent. Reference variables, if referring to objects contains a bit-pattern that represents a way to get to the object on the heap. In case of primitives, it simply contains bits representing that value.

Local variables are not assigned any values by default unlike instance variables. So, there is no way they can return any value.

1) Can I use myapp.mytags instead of 'mytags' in the following code? If yes, do you need to make any changes?

--> Yes. You simply need to make a directory with name as 'myapp' where the properties files shall be placed.

2) How does Java runtime find the .properties files? Is it related to importing it or the system PATH?

--> You don't need to import anything. The Java runtime searches for the directory 'myapp' from where the application was started.
Hi Mala,

Here's the reply to your above question:

And yes, this is getting interesting!!
Thanks Mala. The animated explanations along with colour highlights are something new that help remember concepts with ease.
Hi Mala,

Does OCP Java SE 7 Programmer II Certification Guide help the programmer to know about design patterns which are part of syllabus for OCP 7 certification? Is it providing explanation with examples about regular expressions that any programmer should be knowing who intends to be OCP 7 ?

If anything that is new in OCP 7 that I may have missed out & the same is being covered by your guide, please feel free to inform us regarding the same.

3 years ago

I'm a Java developer with almost 4 years of experience. I'm currently working in the capital markets side of finance domain and wish to continue my journey in the same field.

While going through the job advertisements (for Algorithmic Trading) from companies with the above mentioned background, I saw many wanted Java developers with strong knowledge in "Data Structures and Algorithms".
Now do these companies expect the desired candidate to know how to work with Tree/Graph/Heap or do they mean that the developer should know how to make correct use of Collections from java.util.* package?

As per my understanding, a Java developer does not need to code at the very basic level, all thanks to vast library provided by the language developers and therefore, can concentrate on the business logic. He only needs to understand how to use the library features.

Ranchers, feel free to share your experience if the interviewer has asked you to write code for HashMap, Binary Tree, 2-3-4 Trees, Graph etc. during any of your interviews.

3 years ago
So it does mean that the above statement is not a myth...which might help in huge applications. Fellow-Ranchers, I'm eager to hear a better explanation/opinion on this...
Not on codeRanch or else I would have asked it there itself..
..at least jQuery's cross browser compatibility won't easily allow it to become obsolete.
Hi Everybody,
I have worked on JavaScript but completely new to jQuery. What I get is (correct me if I'm wrong) jQuery is a library built using JavaScript. But I've seen blogs saying jQuery scripts are actually alot faster than JavaScript without any proper explanation. What I don't get is if JavaScript is the driver at the back-end for jQuery to work, how can jQuery be faster than JavaScript. In fact, I've developed an application using JavaScript which took the same time (yeah, there might be a difference in a few milli-seconds but who notices that?) when coded using jQuery by a fellow jQuery developer.
Please help me explain that if the above sentence holds true or its just a myth??


means print new line. If you do not want to go to the next line, you can always go for System.out.print();.
5 years ago
Its absolutely true for anyone to suggest me to step back from coding and learn some basics for the small things that I'm not able to get correctly which indeed made me realize that I should now get a good sleep and come back only when my mind is fresh. You had provided me the answer in your first blog itself. Thank-you Steve for your help and time. The issue has been resolved!!