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refer to jca specification for complete reference.

CCI is the last step on creation of a resource adapter. There are SPI ( system contracts ) that need to be implemented beforehand.

J2EE examples available from Oracle contain a sample resource adapter implementation which is very helpful.
Try reading the Java connector architecture specification 1.6 available at

Its a full reference to JCA
If you use Glassfish app server, check whether the connection matching and connection pooling is checked and enabled in the section where you create you connection pool resource. ( the approach is the same for other app server brands i think).

You might want to see the connection sharing mechanism used by JCA later.
Refer to java connector architecture specification 1.6 chapter 7.
Read connection sharing section .
Yes it mostly uses a data structure such as SET to hold the connection handles. The connection handles are added and removed from the set all time.

If you review the specification the managed connection class implements the clear() method that is used to clear connection specific information (connection set).

P.S. J2EE samples from Oracle contains a sample resource adapter implementation which is very helpful indeed.

I have a misunderstanding regarding the connection handle sharing in JCA.

I want to know if the connection sharing only happens during a phase of transaction ( multiple components call ) or the connection sharing is possible amongst multiple clients accessing a component that has the same EIS destination.

I created my own resource adapter on Glassfish application server 3.1. The problem is the resource adapter doesn't perform any connection sharing (no associateConnection method call).