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Recent posts by Patrick Finnegan

Got a reply from IBM and there are no extensions in WAS that explicitly Stored Procedures so we are going to experiment with CMP EJBs. We may check out Hibernate as well.
I am not referring to the WAS prepared statement cache.

Data returned by EJBs is cached in the JVM memory. Works like the Hibernate Level 1/Level 2 cache. So the data returned by a stored procedure called by an EJB would be cached in memory. That's the performance gain.
We have an application that is using a stateless session bean to call a stored procedure using straight JDBC.

Sesson bean calls a class which has

connection = getDataSource().getConnection();
Proc = connection.prepareCall(spString);
rs = proc.executeQuery();

The problem is that the none of the data retrieved by the SP is cached at the JVM level. All calls result in a round trip to the database even if the same search is executed twice in a row and brings back the same data each time. This kills performance. I have read some of the posts describing how stored procedures can be called from EJBs i.e stateful beans but it is not clear if the EJB will cache the results of a stored procedure if the search parameters are the same.

Any suggestions on the best strategy to follow?

The ejb spec is 2.2
The App Server is WebSphere.
If you use Process Server or Portal you have to use WAS. Otherwise there is not much between WAS,WL and Jboss.
15 years ago
You are correct. "WASX7077E: Incomplete config id: need closing parenthesis in "" is displayed when propSet is null.
15 years ago
Well actually best practice is NOT to run batch processes inside the J2EE container since the J2EE container is designed as a transactional environment i.e multiple application connections where as a batch process is one connection. Also don't use HIBERNATE or EJB for batch processes. POJO in a stand alone JVM(SE) is the way to go. J2EE is overkill for batch and performance is crap.
15 years ago
Also myEclipse with WAS plugin. Probably the best value for money if you don't IBM Process Server or Portal extensions.
15 years ago
Anyone know how to change the session timeout for the Admin console in
WAS 6.0?

WAS 6.1 -

WAS 6..0 ??
15 years ago
I have worked mostly with Hibernate but I am now working on an app
using ejb 2.x on was 6.0. I have full PMI turned on. What PMI
counters indicate the number of EJB cache hits i.e. where the database
query is handled by the App server EJB cache rather than routed to the
15 years ago
You may need to connect to the rmi port on the Deployment manager rather than the rmi port on the node. The DM should load balance the requests over the nodes.
15 years ago
Interesting blog on why Sun chose JACL as the admin scripting language for Java Webserver 7.0.
16 years ago
It's now possible to dynamically load jacl procedures(modules) into a
top level script without explicitly specifying procedure locations
using the source command. This is a useful technique if you need to
distribute your code across multiple locations and wish to avoid hard
coding source statements or if your development environment is an IDE
such as Eclipse where workspace locations can change.

for details.
16 years ago
Yes, except for the Blend Windows binary.
17 years ago