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Recent posts by hendry se

err.. i did a lot's of googling but it's just that i couldnt find the answer. and so, only after days of searching and reading but i still couldnt get my answer then i would come and hoping to seek answer from people who have more experience than me. i couldnt just waste week or month trying to search for answer myself when i just couldnt find it.

well sorry for the inconvenience then..
5 years ago
well.. thank you very much for your reply Darryl.. =]
5 years ago
Hello guys.. i had a little question here..

does the newest version of Netbeans have the Netbeans mobility pack included with it??
and since the full bundle of Netbeans do say that java me is included, why do we have to install any additional java me 3 SDK??

thank you in advance for any answer here.. =]
5 years ago
that guide requires me to install netbeans 5.5 instead of using newest version of netbeans..
is it a must?
and i cant seems to find netbeans 6 mobility too.. since the download from that guide is already gone..
and the plugin the guide as me to find.. i cant seems to find them inside the netbeans..

as for why CDC.. I'm not really sure.. I'm told to develop a system for windows mobile / windows CE using J2ME..
so i was following a book and eventually got stuck in the building the CDC application..

a little question though.. from what i read.. i thought that cdc are something that is better than CDLC?? are CDC not MIDLet as well??
CDC is meant for higher level of PDA or something like that right??
I'm totally new to this J2ME development environment.. so actually I'm kinda lost in all this whole bunch of information flooding in.. plus all the errors I'm getting.. T.T

would be very grateful if i could get some guide or additional help.. =]
5 years ago
Hello people.. i have a little trouble in learning J2ME..

I'm trying to create a AGUIXlet inside netbeans but it seems that it always give an error which is "javax.swing package does not exist"
the same thing happens when i create CrEmE application..
i have been searching for solution for more than 3 days and it never seems to give me a correct answer..

some says that the jdk is not properly installed..
some says to install mobility pack 5.5.1 & java ME 3 sdk (which i'm confused with as i read that the netbeans bundle already have it inside (dunno whether it does or not))..
some says the JAVA_HOME is not set..

i have tested all of this solution and yet no result shows up..
i'm terribly desperate for a correct answer.. and i hope somebody can help me in this.. thank you very much in advance..
peace.. =]
5 years ago