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Hayri Akyurtlu

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Recent posts by Hayri Akyurtlu

Thanks for the advice. Yes, I have posted a question in another forum, however there were no answers as you have indicated. Sorry for not reading forum rules.

I have checked Pagination and Titled Pane. I do not like to have tabs or numbers to refer to another page. I will create a button named extra; then when I press that button>> Stage, Scene will be changed that "extra" page uses. Then, if there's a button "BACK to homepage", it will direct to main page of my application.
Does not JavaFX have a simple hyperlink command like "Back" or "Forward" buttons that we use in Web Page Explorers?
6 years ago
Hello All,

I want to make an application in JavaFX-2 based on two pages as "main" page and "extras" page. In the main page, I have added a Hbox function which includes a button named "extras".

How do I define a second page and how can I set a hyperlink to the button (onMouseClicked event?), to refer to extras page?

I could not find any examples on Mouse events related to this question. Thanks for help!

note: extras page will not be a "pop-up". It should appear instead of the old page like when you click a link on a webpage.
6 years ago