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Recent posts by Shailendra Shukla

Is there any prerequisite for running this code ?

The Websphere is installed on Red Hat Enterprise Linux Box, the code mentioned is on windows server 2003, I am using SOAP Connecter for the connection.

Do I need to install something on WAS server ?

5 years ago
I need to develop an application for managing WebSphere Application Server v7.0.0.11. I explored a bit and found out that we can use Mbeans. Actually I need to create something similar as Web-sphere's web console.

My problem is that the application should be in C# .net so is there any connector/Adapter to invoke web-sphere's management API. Please point me in right direction.

I am a developer and a total newbie in java/websphere, I tried creating Admin Client Example from IBM site by using packages found at IBM/Webshpere/Cimrepos directory. The name of Jar file is "" I unzipped that jar file in the same folder.

So now My App is starts, connects to websphere successfully and finds mbean on the nodeAgent. The problem I am facing in invoking mbean. I am getting following error message.

"exception invoking launchProcess : Target Method not found"

I am using following url for list of mbean

i tried using different methods from nodeAgent mbean but no joy , I am always getting same exception "method not found".

Following is the code snipped for invoking launchprocess

Full Code could be found on following link

Please let me know what I am doing wrong, do i need to include some other package ? I browsed "", there isn't any folder named nodeagent in com\ibm\ws\managemnt.

Thanks in Advance

Mods: Since I am new here maybe this post is not in correct section (I think it is ). Feel free to move the post if needed.
5 years ago