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Thanks for the advice and trust me, i won't forget it !
8 years ago
The answer was in the question, it's the javax.servlet.jar that was causing the problem and it took me all day to find it.
Learning the hard way...
8 years ago

I installed Tomcat 7.0.35 on two different macs running java 1.6 : one on OS X 10.8.1 and the other 10.6.8 and i get the same issue on both.
I followed the instructions from Wolf Paulus both times, except for the small GUI that i didn't install.
The only other thing i did was copy javax.servlet.jar in /Library/java/Extensions.
At first it works, i can see the home page on http://localhost:8080 and browse the examples.

Then, when i reboot my mac and try to run , i can see it being initialised with the following :

but then i can't access anything. Here is the output from Catalina.out

The only info i found regarding these messages has to do with using different versions of java on Tomcat and JVM. It doesn't seem relevant since i am on 1.6 which is the version required.
Does anyone have an idea what i am doing wrong ?

Thanks in advance
8 years ago
Thanks a lot for sharing this, it looks really cool.
However, the youtube video is blurred and it's impossible to see the text. I was wondering if you had some better quality footage available (in case the loss of quality was caused by youtube) ?
Also, a noobish question : what IDE are you using ?
9 years ago