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Hi guys!

Finally after some prep i've accomplished the exam! It means that this topic is obsolete!

4 years ago
I forgot to mention that i've finally passed the exam!
4 years ago

Bj Peter DeLaCruz wrote:OS X 10.8 supports the standard JDK 7, by the way. I upgraded my OS mainly for that reason.


oh! thanks a lot! This is the real reason to migrate from Lion to ML! Cause i don't wanna waste 150 bucks one more time
5 years ago
I got only 56% .

My problem was that i tried to pass the second exam right after passing the first one OCA exam(which is really easy).

I prepared for two weeks, that is definitely not enough for passing this exam! it's really tough. Next time i will take MUCH MORE prep.

I read oracle tutorial for 1z0-804, re-read summary for all K&B chapters , Enthuware 1z0-804 mock tests and Java 7 new features cookbook. I'm a mac user and we have some issues with JDK 7 so i didn't install it and tried to learn all new features of it from the books. THAT WAS DEFINITELY WRONG! There were a lot of questions about project Coin not covered in books! Next time i will write a lot of code using java 7.

Shame on me and wish me a good luck next time(i'm going to pass the exam in December)!

5 years ago

Paul Anilprem wrote:The best resource for JDBC from the exam point of view is the JDBC Tutorial on Oracle website . It is covers all you need for the exam. Specially the RowSets part. No need to read the "Using Advanced Data Types" section (again, if you are reading just for the exam.) The questions in the exam are straight from this content.

There are no sample questions to help h test your knowledge but that you can get elsewhere


Paul, i know what you're talking about I've bought Ent.OCPJP 7 mock exam already, but hadn't tried it yet. I'm a little bit nervous about it, because there is no statistics from people who prepared for the real exam with your tests.

WBR, nervous ocjp student

Anayonkar Shivalkar wrote:

Misha Ring wrote:thanks for your reply! Are you sure that there's no JDBC questions on OCPJP 7 exam?

Maybe I didn't said it clear - what I wanted to mean is - OCPJP 7 does contain JDBC, however, JDBC chapter of Core Java is not focused on OCPJP 7 exam, and that chapter won't contain OCPJP 7 specific questions.

Also, since the chapter would contain lot of extra things as well, you would need to filter our which part to go through and which part to skip. However, that chapter is very nice and concise.

Also, I forgot to mention this book. I haven't referred it, but as it is from Oracle Press, I think it contains everything from OCPJP syllabus. MY mistake - this book is not yet released

I hope this helps.

Anayonkar Shivalkar, i deeply appreciate your answer! Thanks for stopping by!

Anayonkar Shivalkar wrote:

Misha Ring wrote:Could you suggest any good jdbc tutorial for passing the test?

I guess JDBC chapter from 'Core Java' (Horstmann-Cornell) is more than enough - however, it's not focused on OCPJP, and won't have certification-type questions in it.

And Welcome to CodeRanch!

thanks for your reply! Are you sure that there's no JDBC questions on OCPJP 7 exam?
Could you suggest any good jdbc tutorial for passing the test?
Does anyone know hot to post my score on the OCA hall of fame page?
5 years ago

Paul Anilprem wrote:Congratulations!!!

Oh, i forgot to thank the Enthuaware team! Your OCA mock exam was really helpful for my prep
5 years ago
Thanks to all the guys who made this forum, because it helped me a lot! I mean it. K&B 6 book was great. And some posts from Jeanne Boyarsky on were really helpful!

Now i'm preparing for the OCP exam
5 years ago