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Recent posts by Sourav Ken

I am happy to say my issue is resolved. Trouble that I understand might have fix the issue is I was having multiple version of Java installed in my machine. Once I removed all and put required one, it hardly took me 15 min or less to finish my installation.
I am eclipse user facing Problem while installing JBoss Hibernate Tool
High level Scenario:
1) I am trying to install jboss hibernate tool in eclipse from Market.
2) Another way to install any plug-in is to get the zip/jar and as per instructions place it directly or use Help—Install new software.... usual way to do so.
In both the scenarios, eclipse shows it’s installed but never actually come up in the new project window nor in the perspective window.
Apart from that as per the scenario 2 when I tried to use zip even though it’s like 200mb file still eclipse keep getting connected to online site and takes like forever to download all the required jar. That’s quite annoying and found no use of downloading zip.
Why Eclipse is trying to get the Jar from some URL if path to the plug-in is provided. I can see jar’s that is getting downloaded is already available in the Zip still it is downloading from internet.

Just for info. I tried with Indigo and Juno version of eclipse and with both online and ZIP.

Please guide if I am missing anything.
Thanks Surlac. I have not gone there so far to satisfy my curiosity as I am stuck in another problem here. Still banging head to look for the solution.

As per my Last my post I am getting the response. Next challenge is to get the response for the attribute and value in the URL. I have tried couple of ways but somehow it’s not going anywhere.

Problem Statement:

I have form in a webpage that I want to populate using java code and submit. In response I will get the same webpage with some data related to inputs like current time, date, user name entered in the form etc.
In the form there are some input data of type hidden fields. And I am not sure of the significance but I also see one input hidden field outside the form.


I am getting success in hitting the url and getting the response but I am not getting success in passing the fields. Its from with post method.
I tried HTTP client it keep coming back with
“ Unknown proxy type : HTTP”

Other options somehow sending wrong info to URL which redirecting me to Error page

Any suggestion from where I should start.
11 years ago
Thanks for your inputs Jeff. I don't know if the post can be edited now, but in future I will try not to use multiple colors.
11 years ago
Good news. now I am able to get the response. But what still amazes me what is it happening behind the scene, I believe it will be worth knowing...
What I did is I use API called Proxy-vole. If it will help anybody please visit below url where I find the solution.

Now Java code

This class is using Proxy-Vale API Which I use in my main class

This is mine main class. Please see line number 29 where I have confusion on its working.

11 years ago

Thanks. I am sure I am missing something here but in the JAVA applet I can find in the control panel I provided the script details there but still no response.

But URL that is configured in the browser is the

As I mentioned earlier this is the reason I am able to browse net.

Now trouble is this file is having all the different IP address and all. Just wondering if there is any API which can read this URL and decide what to do with the request and response.

I m not sure if I make sense or make the problem more complex.
11 years ago
I am trying to write small code to access URL. Trouble is I am able to do it from browser but not from Java code. I can see browser setting and there is nothing much apart from Automatic proxy configuration URL.
In Firefox --> Tool -->options --> Advanced --> Network --> Connection --> Setting --> Automatic proxy configuration URL,
Basically whatever request we are sending is going via this proxy URL
Is there way we can use this proxy configuration URL in Java so Browser like capabilities can be achieved.
I am sure this is not new problem hence I am even fine with link to the already answered post. Please suggest.
11 years ago
Thanks for replying Jelle.

It’s an ambitious effort to introduce new way of communicating with database in place of usual JDBC-ODBC with type 1 driver (we are planning to use hibernate to make it more scalable, also in future if we have to go for web based then should be able to do so) .

In terms of data currently it’s not following ORM so wanted capability to do so.

Please let me know if you need anything specific in terms of details.
I have to use freeware/open source database for pure java swing based stand-alone application. Please suggest what my options are.

I just tried in a simple way, its working. Hope code is explanatory.