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Well, basically I want to create my own Connection Factory, say "ABCConnectionFactory" and tie it to my Query or Topic.

JBoss by default allows you to look up by the name "ConnectionFactory".
How do I create my own ?

In the example link given, where is the configuration supposed to be set?

17 years ago

How do I create the TopicConnectionFactory in JBoss 4.0.4?

There was a link ( that mentions this but never states which file it's supposed to be in.

Any help is appreciated!
17 years ago

I need to create a startup class in JBoss. Can anyone share with me how this can be done? What are the configurations that need to be done in JBoss?

17 years ago

Does anyone know how to disable JNDI replication in JBoss in a clustered environment? I am using JBoss 4.0.5GA?

17 years ago
Hello David,

What I've done last time is to create a scea_directory and jar the directory. Hope this helps.

Don't wait, just go for it. I asked the same question almost 2 years back but there're still no updates to the exam.

A pass is still a pass - congrats to you!!

My suggestion is to KISS. Put in only the ones you felt is important without complicating the class diagram too much. I did explain some of the classes in my assumptions document which I did not show at all in my class diagram.

My advise is to do all the use cases based on the use case diagram AND the elaborated ones. You wouldn't want to lose marks on any use cases you may have missed out then :roll:

Hope this helps: -

1. The instructions in the assignment talks of Architecture and Design only. Do we have to develop a working version of this assignment?

2. Do we have to submit the source code developed as a part of this assignment?

3. Is there any restriction on which versions of various specs should be used e.g. J2EE 1.5?

4. Till when can this assignment be uploaded? Is it 3 months from the day I receive the project?

5. Can we use other frameworks and tools available in market e.g. Spring, Hibernate etc.?

1. No, you only draw the UML diagrams and not develop a working application.

2. As mentioned in #1, no source code is to be delivered.

3. No, the assignment doesn't explicitly mention that.

4. The assignment can be uploaded anytime, even one day after you have downloaded it

5. I trust any frameworks are acceptable but the assignment does mention it should be J2EE based

"you should have an "index.html" that has your name, i.d., a link to the class diagram, a link to the component diagram, and a link to each of the sequence/collaboration diagrams"

is this means that the name of the index.html file has the form :
myname.html or myid.html

It means you have one file name index.html. The contents of index.html should contain your name, i.d, links to your deliverables, etc.

Awesome score! The wait is worth it...!

I submitted my assignment sometime end Nov and I received my results 4 weeks later. Some people have received theirs after about 4-6 weeks. I believe yours is on the way - wait for another week or two. All the best!

You can surely change the supplied BDM model as long as you provide assumptions and reasons why you choose to do so. Yes, you can add more classes to the class diagram on top of the existing BDM model.

I followed Cade's concept and never added the controller classes to the class diagram. These are available in my component diagrams though.

My advise though is to keep it simple and make sure you have the basic requirements "met" before you add in any other additional ones.