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Recent posts by james stan

Hi ,
i am trying to get some work done in SAS and JMP primarily for statistical analysis. DAE know any good website online where i can outsource it . I know elance but i found no contractors there.
11 years ago
I know this is meaningless drivel. But i think this is the appropriate forum . Suppose you are starting a project from blank slate[I mean like not maintaining or upgrading any existing S/W]. And you are proficient in both Java and C#. Which one would you prefer to do write an front end enterprise software?
11 years ago
What is a good book to learn iOS? i usually start by head first books but they dont have good reviews on amazon. Can you suggest any good guide?
11 years ago
Hi ,
I am a looking for a quickstart guide for developign UML diagrams -(use cases , sequence diagrams ) for a program i am trying to develop. Can anybody help me with any online resources?

Hi , I am trying to figure out how architecture should be designed for an mobile app I am developing [use cases , functional decomposition , high level artifacts view etc.]. IS there any prograaming guide or docs on how to approach architecture for Mobile apps.

Yes, at 55, and with 34 years in the industry, I'm much more interested in being hip and groovy than in stating my professional opinion. Your post is highly insulting.

No, Outlook doesn't suck because it's trendy to think so. It just sucks. It's a paragon of usability problems, and a perfect example of how Microsoft has lost its way over the past decade and a half.

So, did you start this topic to get people's opinions, or just to find people to agree with you?

I am sorry if you felt insulted, in retrospect my comments were too sweeping but I had based my opinion on fact that you provided no reason why outlook sucks [compared to notes]. And TBH do believe that people really think bashing MS is hip.
11 years ago

Sort of like asking: "Which do you prefer? Hives? Or poison ivy?"

I don't believe anybody here has used outlook 2010 ,or outlook at all. Outlook really seems easy and intuitive to navigate,to schedule a meeting , to check other's calendars and so on...

I believe most people are vitriolic in their views towards MS mostly because its the hip thing to do or they just didn't work with that MS product. and btw i am not a fan of IBM or MS.
11 years ago
I was discussing this with another developer and we were wondering are there people out there who prefer notes over outlook? After working on outlook for quite some time , going back to lotus notes seems like such a downgrade. The interface is so clunky ,boring and seems complex. Any thoughts ?
11 years ago
Here is my Manifest code .

Now SplashActivity is that of Splashscreen. How can i make my splashscreen transparent?

11 years ago
I was looking for few sites where i can outsource part of my android projects.Does anybody has any experience with rent a coder type sites?
11 years ago
Hello i have 2 drop downs .First drop down[Spinner1] has 4 values , second[Spinner2]has 5 values.

Now when user selects values from first drop down and another value from second drop down , a fragment shows up in a part of screen with a webview text.

This is my code

Now there are 20 html string combinations for these 2 drop downs.How can i use this array for storing and retrieving values.
How can i insert 20 HTML strings into array so that i can use method to read values to display in webview.
11 years ago
Hi ,
I have been trying to develop a ListNavigation drop down in action bar.There are 2 drop downs in the action bar.
jm.For Some Reason , i am not able to get image displayed in the post , please click on the image icon and the image will displayed.

Now i want to display a unique TextView for each spinner selections.
like If User selects "Fragment1" from left dop down and "one" from right drop down ,a bulleted list of items will go in a textview
IF user selects "Fragment 1" from left drop down and "two from right drop down , another bulleted list of items will be displayed in textview.

Basically i am using "left drop down" as main menu and "right drop down" as sub-menu to display a text mainly bulleted lists.

Now i am able to get the GUI but i am bit puzzled as to how as to how i can implement this .

Here is the code for Main Activity.

Here is the code for fragments

Here is the XML layout for each frag.

IF you want the complete project zip , please let me know and i will provide it for you.thanks
11 years ago
Hello ,
i was using WireframeSketcher to draw a wireframe of Android App .The following is XML of the GUI

Is there anyway i can export this into eclipse to work with main.xml ??

11 years ago
Ok,i got it sorted out . Thankyou for your help and patience in trying to solve it