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Hi Iuliana,

Firstly, I'm very thrilled with just the thought that there's a chance that you'll be reading my message (I truly hope so ) - yay!

I'm Lorraine, a java dev (and ofcourse spring!), we're actually connected on LinkedIn because you are very kind enough to accept my request to connect ! I have taken some ocp certs before and this time wanted to take on the spring cert!

Since others will ask about the book, I leave it to them.  For me, I'm keen about your journey in this software engineering world.  Have always enjoy hearing from people on how they first fall in love in coding.  Mine goes way back to html when I chose a computer class as an elective in my freshmen year in high school, I thought marquee was such a bomb, that power that I have just written to make the text move, hah.

Would love to hear yours! Everyone can share too! Let's briefly go back in time, and reminisce the moment lol!

You rock,
1 month ago
Hi guys,

I both passed the OCAJP7 and OCPJP7 (just took last Monday). I remember reading before that there is a success kit given to those who passed but I don't receive any emails or details from it when I passed the ocp. Can someone provide details about this?

So, I'm taking the Enthuware Mock Exams, scoring not that great:

Test #1 - 72%
Test #2 - 77%
Test #3 - 71%

I have yet to take the remaining 3 mock exams. For those who have taken the OCP already (thank you for still hanging out in this forum to share!) and took Enthuware Exams as well, what do you guys think? More review before I proceed on taking mock exams or it won't be that bad on the actual exam? I need to get 90% or up on the actual exam.

Thanks in advance!
Hi guys,

On p158 it says:

"An instance of anonymous inner class can be assigned to any type of variable (static variable, instance variable, or local variable), method parameter, or returned from a method."

But anonymous classes can't be static, right, so the statement might be wrong? Am I missing something?


Ted North wrote:"A static member can call/access only a static member of its own class" (Ganesh & Sharma, 2013, p. 488). Does this mean that a static reference can only call methods in its class or call fields in its class using the name of the class and the dot operator?

Hi Ted,

If I understand your statement correctly, I'll say this is not the case: Does this mean that a static reference can only call methods in its class or call fields in its class using the name of the class and the dot operator?
Because if it is within the class itself, you won't be needing to use the class name + dot operator. Example:

You can't however, call an instance members from a static reference:

Yes, your right, the wildcard on generics can only be used on the variable declaration part. To add, you can't use it this way as well as it will not compile!:
I forgot that the character that \\S will match will be included on the replace as well, I thought it's only "the". Thanks, Ankit!
Q47) Select the incorrect statements (Choose three options.).

a) "Program to an interface" means using interfaces in your code.
b) An interface can't define static inner classes.
c) An interface can't declare non-final variables
d) An interface can declare un-initialized varibles.
e) An interface can define static methods.

Ans) a,b,d

Isn't letter e also an incorrect answer since we can't define static methods on interfaces? Am I missing something?

Thank you!
Ooops. I think I got it after rereading the explanation in the book. It's because title is an enum, and enums are sorted on the order of their declaration.
Q46. Given:

The output is said to be:
Mr Selvan
Ms Shreya
Dr Shreya

Isn't it supposed to be:
Mr Selvan
Dr Shreya
Ms Shreya

Since it's supposed to be sorted alphabetically? Is it a possible errata or am I missing something?

Thank you in advance!

Q33) What is the output of the following code (Select the best option.)?

a) These are their,lea<>,,<>
b) These are <>,ir,leather,,them
c) These are <>ir,leather,<>m
d) These are <>ir,lea<>r<>m
e) These are their,lea<>r,,,<>m

The correct answer is said to be letter a. Why is it a and not letter e?


In the Manning MEAP OCP7, it says:

These methods can’t (re)define type parameter section. The following won’t compile:

which is on my understanding means that once you declare a type parameter of X in the class declaration, declaring a type parameter of X in a method level will result to compile error. But trying those out results to compiling successfully.

Am I assuming wrong in my understanding that I have mentioned or am I missing something?

This is awesome. I also saw some here (not mine). Let's keep on sharing.

I've been reviewing using Mala Gupta's OCP Java SE 7 Programmer II Certification Guide MEAP v12, paying attention to the Errata mentioned on forum as well. Note that it is not yet the book release, but only an Early Access Edition. I'm close on finishing this MEAP, I'm wondering if this is sufficient and if I can pass the exam with flying colors with this. I got wonderful results on my OCA7 thanks to Mala Gupta's OCA 7 Certification Guide, so I'm sure I'll get good grades again this time on OCP7, but my worry is that the book that I have is a MEAP, and actual release of the book I think is June (and I can't wait that long, unfortunately).

Any comments? Anyone has passed OCPJP7 reading MEAP Certification Guide?

Side note: I do plan on reading OCP 7 Study Guide by Kathy Sierra and Bert Bates as well, as the book is already out. Upon doing a quick comparison, I noticed that KS&BB's book is somehow more detailed compare to MG's book. To illustrate an example, on the JDBC chapter, on MG's book, there is little or no mention of ResultSetMetadata, ResultSet Types, ResultSet Concurrency, DatabaseMetadata, etc., while this is written and explained in detail in KS&BB's.

Thanks a lot!