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Recent posts by Jennifer Bhamoo

Thanks for the reply. ok, I understand better what you wrote earlier. So, my question is, how do I get just that one node? I tried a few things and got no where.
Thanks for the reply.

I probably should have written that I am dealing with an XDP file (basically an XML plus PDF file), so I need to extract out the chunk containing my XML data. I could do each form field (i.e. element) seperately, but I didn't really need to do that, I just need the entire root node and all the child elements.

I am a total newbie on dealing with XML like this, so am not even sure where to begin to try and read up on this and I am on a massive time crunch.

I have a chunk of XML that I need to take out of file that I am getting from an inputStream. I already have some code working to get the data of a single node, so I do already have code with the following which creates a Document object from my inputstream:

So, I am trying to figure out now, how do I loop through something like

So that I can write a particular chunk of the XML data (i.e. specify the root node name and get all the child nodes) back out to a file? I assume I can utilize the myDOM variable I have (org.w3c.dom.Document) to possibly create a nodelist, but I am just having troubles figuring out how to really do this??

Thank you,

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ok, after staring at this for 3 days and finally posting here, I think I realized what my issue is.... I am guessing it's because I am using the SAAJ-API.JAR and it wants the latest java sdk and I am still using 1.4.2_11

Because when I tried going back to using the SAAJ.JAR I found with my Axis install (I am using the same versions of JBoss and Java SDK where Axis is and where my servlet is), I get an error for the GetSoapHeader from the line inj question above.

ok, back to the drawing board...
13 years ago
I am at a loss. I am really really new to this whole web service thing and have been struggling with this all week.

I have deployed a webservice for Adobe LiveCycle product that I developing an application for ( Since I am not using cold fusion (used in this sample), I am trying to create my own java servlet to pass my data back and forth to this web service (getting the data isn't an issue, it just getting this web service developed properly.

The webservice is showing up just fine when I view it in Axis and I can see the WSDL, so I assume there are no issues there.

I am just trying to follow the tutorials I find online, right now I am working with this one here:

I am using the saaj-api.jar that I downloaded online (from Sun's site, I cannot find the link now..)

Here is a snippet of my code - since the last line below is the one throwing the error, I have commented out all my other code and have not included that here:

The last line is where I am getting the error at, here is the complete error shown on the page:

So, barely anything has even been done yet when I get this error, so I am sure there is something screwed up with the way I have my environment set up. I am using Eclipse v3.0.1, imported the saaj-api.jar into my WEB-INF folder and then imported that for my project as an external JAR, so it is showing up in my buildpath for my servlet (sorry, I am probably using all the wrong terms, just trying to provide the steps I used).

(edited to remove the WSDL copy - it showed up all funny in the post!)

I hope it is something silly on my part, like I said, I am very knew to this and have stepped through some tutorials and online training, but just started learning this past week.

Thank you,
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13 years ago
Thank you thank you!!!

That worked, I have been staring at this for over a week now!!!

Thanks again,
13 years ago

I don't even know where to begin to try and troubleshoot this.

I am using JavaMail 1.4 to send an email and it works on my laptop, but when I deploy to my server, no email gets sent. (Edit: both machines are on the same network.)

I am using JBoss 3.2.5 and Java 1.4.2_11 on both boxes.

I stripped everything out to just test getting an email sent, so here is my code (using sample found here:

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13 years ago
Thank you Beksy.
I'm still reviewing it and playing around. I am studying for Build Internet Apps II exam, which covers REF columns, and I got concept down in relation to forms development, but couldn't get on how to implement it, so that I could actually see REF characteristics within Form Builder.
Thanks again!
17 years ago
Why does the "Moderators Only" forum need a moderator?
17 years ago
You might want to wrap some code tags around your code ie. [ code ] [ / code ] (remove all spaces)
Although I do like all the faces in the code!
Sorry, I can't help you with question though.
17 years ago

Originally posted by Jason Menard:
I have it on good authority that Spiderman knows a thing or two about architecting web applications.
As for Scooby-Doo, I've heard he's heavily into comp sci. I believe his specialty is fuzzy logic.
(in best ALF voice) HAAHH! I kill me!


17 years ago
I think like how everyone has already been pointing out - experience is more important, but certs are the "icing on the cake".
I just got my Masters in IT and have passed 3 Oracle Application Developer exams during that time. I have just interviewed with a fantastic company! (still waiting, crossing fingers). Now, what got me in the door for the interview was that I had the skills and experience they were looking for, however one interviewer was impressed that I had obtained certs while working on my masters, so having the certs showed him that I can work hard and I am a "go getter" for lack of better words.
So, as most people have already been saying, the cert is not the all inclusive thing that will get you a job, but the cert can make you a better candidate and it something that can help one stand out in the interview process.
Good Luck to all!
(now please call me back, I would love to have that job! )

oh, I wanted to add and respond more directly to the intial question. I think there is also a fine line to getting certs and too many can just look suspicious if one has no experience, so I think it is good to pace yourself in accordance with the current job. Perhaps at get the cert that reflects nicely on your current job duties, then go one step above that. For example, I am working on my OCP - Application Developer, not part of my job duties (but I do ASP development) and do beyond this and get my Oracle/Java certs I think would be silly. If I worked as an Oracle Developer, then seek out the Oracle/Java certs. I hope that makes sense!
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17 years ago
Is it possible that there is an error in the *.jsp?
Can anyone point out an excellent reference that describes everything about key triggers, Do_key, anything with keys?
I have read the Oracle Form Builder help files, and my text, but they don't go into too great of detail. I mean, I get the definitions and all, but I would also like to see and read up on some practical uses.
Thank you!
17 years ago
I understand the concept behind a REF column within a table, but I don't know how to actually create one??! Can someone give me a pointer or clue on how to do this?
Thank you,
17 years ago