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Recent posts by Ashish Ramteke

Campbell Ritchie wrote:No, all the verse quoted in this thread is a limerick, with the correct number of lines and rhymes.

Hi! Thanks for the reply.

I think only the first one is a limerick as per the format given. The second one is not according to the format (the first line).
In the third, 'Cowes' and 'how' do not rhyme. In the fourth, 'Cowes' and 'hours', and, 'Cowes' ('or, 'hours') and 'now' do not rhyme; 'lots' does not rhyme... In the fifth, 'offended' and '(end) it' do not rhyme.

Am I going wrong...?

(Edit: ) I am assuming that 'Cowes' rhymes with 'Cows.'
10 years ago
Only one of the poems featured in this thread is a 'limerick' as per the given format, I think. Only the first one is a 'limerick' as per the format given for the contest, others are not. Or, if I am wrong, you can tell me how. And, some of those who did not post the poem according to the given format in the Meaningless Drivel forum's thread of this contest, got a cow.

The poems here were liked, but, not all of them are according to the format given.

If a person gets a ticket to Devoxx, who has Not posted the poem according to the given format, wouldn't that be wrong and an injustice to the people like me who correctly posted the limerick according to the given format?

Why don't you select the winner who has correctly posted the poem according to the format given for the contest, at least?
10 years ago
(imaginery poem: )
A Java developer from Cowes
Had once a big time playing with cows
The cows would love the one
And the one too had fun
Were the cows were from Cowes?

(couldn't decide what to write as the last line, but there it is.. )
10 years ago
Just for informational purpose here.. the talk- Leather without killing animals-.. you may have seen this talk..

By the way, the picture of boots here is good-looking..
10 years ago
That's very nice!!! I checked the Unicode website you told, & after some exploration there, found out that it is a very nice website!! It has many symbols and symbols from different languages too!

Also, there were 'chess' pieces symbols.. from which I learnt that actually, Chess has only six different styled pieces in it.. (if different colours are not considered..)!!

Your post is really a helpful post!

Then, I searched for ', because in your reply where you used ', I found that it was maybe quite same to the keyboard ' (single quote) symbol, whereas, the ’ gives ’. Then, I found some symbols codes for some symbols, like, ' and also found that, in such entities (where there are two numbers after &#, even if I did not give a ending semicolon here, it works.. for e.g., if I write only &#39, it works.., in this editor at least..)

There is this article too, but I haven't read it fully...

Thank you very much for your informational reply!
And, what a transition of forums the first post had.. from Beginning Java to the Ranch Office!
Good day!
10 years ago

Campbell Ritchie wrote:Please avoid coloured text, which some people find difficult to read; I have turned all your text back to black.


(I learnt how you used & a p o s ; (with no spaces) in your last reply for putting the apostrophe mark.. I didn't know that! May I ask from where or what programming language does this usage comes from? And, how it is applicable here...? Or is this editor programmed to recognize it...? I searched and found that maybe it is from C/C++.. Just putting the ' mark from keyboard also works..) (Maybe I put a lot of questions in this post.. )
10 years ago

After just adding this 'package' statement:- in the class

and this 'import' statement:-in the class

the program compiles and runs successfully.
So, after just adding the two Java statements given above in the two appropriate classes, the program compiles and runs.

Thanks for help!
10 years ago
Sorry for the really late reply...

Campbell Ritchie wrote:I am assuming you are using the strange name L for your folder.

While showing the directory structure above, 'L' is not a name of a folder or anything..., I just used it to help represent the directory structure... I not at all mean 'L' there, they are just used with the '|', '-', and, '>' for representing the directory structure... It did not come to my mind while giving the directory structure previously that the 'L' I used can be thought of as a folder name there..

Also, I found that I mistakenly gave a wrong directory structure above, sorry... The directory structure I wanted to represent is this:
10 years ago
Hi! Thanks you all for the replies- Tushar Goel, Stuart A. Burkett, and, Campbell Ritchie!!

Tushar Goel wrote:I suppose you need to set class path for the same as they are on different path ... .

Do you mean compiling the TestingCars class using the option '-classpath', like, >javac -classpath...? I tried this but I am not able to put the classpath locations correctly while compiling, and, because of that, the class in the same directory ( is not getting found. I think this is also one way in which these programs can be executed without getting any errors... I will see later about how to put the classpaths correctly.

I am using the directory structure as follows:
-----L> NewFolder

Stuart A. Burkett wrote:
Do you have any package statements in your classes ? ... .

No, I did not put any package and import statements in the classes. After reading this, I put the appropriate package and import statements in the classes and there is no error now, and, the programs are working fine!

I thought that if a class is public and is in the sub-folder of the running class, then, there might not be any need of importing it by putting package and import statements in the classes- because the class is 'public'- but, maybe it is not like that, Right?


Campbell Ritchie wrote:… or put all the files in the same directory.

Yes, sir, if the classes are put in one single directory, the programs work fine without any errors. And, in that case, there is no need for putting package and import statements in the classes. The coding exercise that I was doing told to put the classes in different packages, so, I was trying to access the class from a different package.

Is it necessary to put import statements for accessing classes that are 'public' and in the sub-folder from where the current class is?

Thank you all!
10 years ago