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Recent posts by Matt Partner

I'm going to try to fix it focusing in the point you told me.

Thanks for your effort, Paul
11 years ago
I still working with it but I am not able to fix this bug... if anyone like Ulf can help me, I'll be very grateful with him or her.
11 years ago
Sure, here I let the LOGCAT trace (sorry I forgot to post in the last reply):

I wrote the error in in black at line 98.
02-06 19:16:23.976: W/System.err(671): : open failed: ENAMETOOLONG (File name too long)

I don't know how to fix this problem. Thanks for your help Ulf Dittmer!
11 years ago
Ok now I have been reading and working with XPath and finally I work with only one file class: ShowImageActivity.class

But I try to parse <media:content> tag with this:

But any text appears in the Log.v() and in the LOGCAT log says to me that can't open file because ENAMETOOLONG and the problem is focused in the InputSource object.

Thanks for your help and patience, any ideas? Thanks!

11 years ago
I'm using a code found in using XPATH:

This is te class who reads the XML File passed:

And this the activity where I try to pass the URL and get some values. But I don't understand if lacks anything or what happenned, because the result in the LOG output is NULL:

Any idea? Thanks! I have been working with it all weekend but I don't how to continue...

11 years ago
Hello to everyone!

First of all I want to thank you all for your great job helping to all people and thanks to you I fixed an old problem few days ago. Thanks!

But now I have a problem parsing for Android an XML document as follows:

My Parser.class is:

This class parse the XML document gived, but I pass the URL through this each other activity called ShowImageActivity where I try to collect using an ARRAY all URL Images from <media:content> tag.

My problem is in the <media:content> tag. I red that I need to use QName class, because these are an especial tags formed by an URI and a LOCALNAME parts.
But I tried to search in Google, here in JavaRanch and I don't find anything to fix this.

Anyone knows how to use it to parse an XML in Java? I'm very new in Java and Android but I'll thank it to you if you can help to me. If you need anything mor,e please tell it to me.

11 years ago
Thanks for your help Steve!

I edited the first post with the API I missed, I'm sorry but I'm so new in Java and I forgot a lot of things and how to comment correctly.

TrovuXmlParser class is the class I use to get the XML from the URL:

Here there are the methods I use to parse the diferent kind of information. The getValue is the method used to get the "id, item, liink, title and description". The "img" tag is parsed with an other method and works fine in this Amazon Rss parse.

The idea is once I parsed the XML from the URL then in AmazonXmlParsingActivity I put inside a map the values using getValue.

If you need something more, please tell it to me

I'm sorry for my english, maybe I do a lot of mistakes for my low level :')
11 years ago
Hello to everyone,

First of all I want to say how useful has been in the past this forum to me and thank to all people who collaborates in this website.

Ok here we go with my problem. I'm trying to parse an Amazon RSS Feed like this:

Amazon product

The class in Java which I use is that:

I use this code in an Ebay Feed and works very good, but when I try to parse an Amazon RSS Feed the "title" tag appears in blank, only parses the description (And the photo of the product, because I wrote a class to manage it and works very well).

My problem and question is if anyone could help to me to see how I can to parse the "title" tag because doesn't work. Happens the same with the "link" tag but I think if I know how to parse the "title" I'll be able to fix the "link" problem.

Thanks to everyone and if you need more information about this, I'll post here.

11 years ago
Hello everyone!

I have the same code for parsing RSS XML feed and works very nice! Thanks to all people who helped with this because I had the same problem as Igor Mandic.
But now I have a problem that I can't solve it.

I want to show the description ONLY in SingleMenuItemActivity.class because this code show you the description in Main and SingleMenuItemActivity
How can I do this? I tried to delete the KEY_DESC in the ListAdapter but not works. Deleting map.put(KEY_DESC, parser.getValue(e, KEY_DESC)); too, but doesn't works.

Any idea? Thanks to all ^^

See you!