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Recent posts by Sarath Kalangi

Yes Mathew, what you mentioned is correct, If we start our career in small organization then we can expose with all the roles and able to learn step by step.

Thanks for your suggestions Mathew.
5 years ago
Hi Mathew,

I have changed a lot of companies in the past and from the past experience what i learn was we need to stick to one company, then we can able to increase our skills and career.

But what i want to ask you is, to build good career in IT, how do the people must think? do they keep on doing hard work every day or do they think smart for a problem?

How to get confidence in IT?

5 years ago
When we trying to compute some logic inside the loop then its very hard to handle with binaries and more over we are trying to increase the complexity of the program using binaries.

I rather use binaries when i was trying to do graphical programming then its very easy to compare different colors using binaries.
Hi What's the main purpose of introducing binaries in java7 version?

because it is very hard to remember those "1 0" and do manipulations with those binaries.
Hi this is basic thread question: I got three threads, when i exectue those three threads i got one output and again i execute i got different output.
why every time the order of output's can't able to predict in threads then it's no use of going to create threads in first point.
My system configuration is: i5, HP, 64bit, 620GB hard drive, 8GB RAM.
A small two - tire application which contains only max of 10 java classes and the version of the Netbeans is 7.2
Hi I do work on both of the IDE's and based on my knowledge i am saying that Netbeans IDE have more in built plugins compare to eclipse IDE.
Netbeans have so many built in plugins when compare to Eclipse like SWING gui features, db connectors for PG and MySql etc.
Netbeans IDE is very structured IDE compare to Eclipse.
Netbeans IDE have different shortrcuts when compare to Eclipse.
Thank you very much Robert and Ryan for giving this oppurtunity.
When i try to open Netbeans for the first time, the project inside the Netbeans taking huge amount of time to open and it keep on saying Background scanning projects.
I do aggree that for the first time it requires to build, clean and download all the maven dependencies but it doesn't make sense why the Background scanning project taking so much time to finish?

Sarath Kalangi.