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Recent posts by Sagar Dafle

This is the SIMPLEST SP that i executed ..

SELECT * FROM sagar123.emp;
:') :'( :'( :')

now i am able to run it successfully !

i have been struggling with such a silly mistake from yesterday !!

GOD BLESS you saif and niraj .......
Keep helping people
6 years ago
Thanxx for the concern and quick reply ASIF and NIRAJ

i have attached my project hierarchy and the error page ....... with both http://localhost:8080/HelloWorld/hello.jsp and http://localhost:8080/HelloWorld/WEB-INF/hello.jsp urls, i am getting the same error....

6 years ago
Hi guys, I have a simple hello.jsp file in my "HelloWorld" project.
But when i am running it i am getting ERROR 404.

But a simple .java file(from another project) is running properly ....

Here's my hello.jsp file :

"<%@ page language="java" contentType="text/html; charset=ISO-8859-1"
<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN" "">
<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=ISO-8859-1">
<title>Hello World</title>
Hello World!!

here's my web.xml file :

"<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<web-app xmlns:xsi=""
xsi:schemaLocation="" id="WebApp_ID" version="2.5">

Configurations are done properly ...

Please help out.....
i am newbie to Programming world....
6 years ago

Dennis Deems wrote:Book 3 is a very thick hardcover study guide (800+ pages) that exhaustively covers all the topics in OCJP 6. It contains two full-length practice exams, and on the CD there is software that contains two interactive mock exams. (I think there is a third you can download.) Book 4 is a supplement to this book, and contains four more full-length practice exams. It doesn't contain any in-depth discussion of topics, but it does have some coding exercises and tips for studying. It's totally optional but I found it helpful. These are the books I used to prepare for the exam.

As for Books 1 and 2: these are other editions of Book 3. In different countries books are published as distinct editions even if their content is the same; it's an antiquated practice if you ask me, but no one did. These appear from the publisher and the purchase price to be Indian editions, meant only for sale in India. Book 1 is apparently offered with an educational discount; not exactly sure how that works in India, but in the USA such purchases must be verified by supplying a university ID.

Thanks Dennis
I have Ordered BOOK 1 as of now ( Budget issues ) . People have used this in the past for OCPJP 6 .
and as you said bro, I have Downloaded the 4th PRACTISE PROSBLEMS books
Coudnt find the HARDCOVER PFD anywhere.
and did you used any ENTHUWARE mock tests ?
6 years ago

Campbell Ritchie wrote:I do not think we can recommend which of those books is the “best”. In fact I don’t think there is such a thing as a “best book”.

I guess People refer some book as the BEST BOOKS to use..
YEs they do . The word BEST may not be correct but i just wanted the CORRECT one amongst the four .....
6 years ago
Hi guys,
i am new to Coderanch and i want to give OCPJP 6 exam (IZO-851) but there's one Confusion thats screwing me ..

can you tell me what's the exact difference between following books ? which one i should buy !

1. BOOK 1

2. Book 2

3. Book 3

4. Book 4

i am really sorry if i am being Stupid anywhere..
but am really confused with the above 4 books...

PLEASE Recommend me the best one to BUY..

6 years ago
Sriram Athreyah
Friday, December 30, 2011 17:10:55 Subject: SCJP (now OCPJP) 1.6 Exam No. 1Z0-851, how to prepare?
Hello dudes and dudettes of JavaRanch...
I passed my OCPJP 1z0-851 exam today with a good percentage(86 %).

CAN you tell me did you reffered THIS BOOK for OCPJP 6 exam ???
6 years ago
Gil Vegliach,
can you please tell , is this the book you referred for OCPJP 6 ? OCPJP6 Refrence book

THANKSSSS in advance
6 years ago
Sure sir..Thanks for Your wishes
anyways Which certification you have under your Belt ?
The second link seemed to be very helpful and inspiring too !!
THanks bro !!
and if i refer this book for OCPJP 6 1Z0-851 , is that okay ? Because it was initially meant for SCJP there any diffrences between the topics in scjp n ocpjp ?
OCPJP6 book
Hi Guys,
This is Sagar from Mumbai, India.
I want to be JAVA certified like all ppl here are ...and cheers and congos to ppl who successfully completed the exam
I guess the latest exam available is OCPJP 7 for which i have to clear OCAJP 7 and the cost for both would be
(8k +8k=16k) whish is a lil concern for me at this moment.
will it be fine if i give OCPJP 6 exam as of now ? I just dont want recruiters to question me back why i didnt go for OCPJP 7 !!!

Is it that ocpjp 6 certification wont have much value when OCPJP7 exam is available in the market ?

I guess i can upgrade myself to OCPJP7 later by giving OCPJP6 !

but will i have to again give OCAJP7 again for that ??

Kindly help guys.
i am new to the forum.
ohh !!
Am sorry for that !
wasn't aware about that fact !
no problems

Noirita Bera wrote:Hello,

Today I scored 93% in OCAJP7. I used Enthuware Test Studio for 1Z0-803 and SCJP 6 book by K. Sierra and B. Bates [First 5 chapters + StringBuilder + ArrayList + String]

Keep studying - cheers!!

Congrats !!
hearty congos

needed your help for OCAJP7 exam !
i am new here and need some help to clear OCAJP exam !
Thank YOu