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Recent posts by seenu maj

I want to purchase the study kit. Where can I get it from?( if I dont get the free copy that is. )
What is Ersin Eser Deployment Descriptor aid ?
Good job Alx...Your book gave me inspiration to start studying for the exam. Small correction on page 7 Topic Retrieve request header information
Method public java.Util.Enumeration getHeaderNames() was wrongly given as taking String as a parameter whereas it doesn't take any parameters.
[ June 23, 2002: Message edited by: seenu maj ]
Where in is the exam?
is there any exam cram like book available in the market for SCWCD exam?
just to keep this in the first page... :-)
Can't believe its true.. can SUN be so stupid as to base the questions based on the answers of the survey?

Originally posted by Erik Dark:
I use Internet Explorer 6.0 but am not sure why!

i do the same, dont know why not...
17 years ago
Which application server is better, ws or wl? I had passed the WAS std edition test but didnt get to work much with it.. I worked on WL 4.5 which was ok..Heard there is lot more to it in the later versions...