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Recent posts by Deepa Rajesh

We have implemented SSO based on cookies.

1. user clicks the help link in our app ( , cookie set up done (respose.addCookie)
2. request will redirect to party software, cant change anything)
3..Here if the SSO enabled, it will redirect to the another URL ( .
4,Have to get the cookie(User details) set in #1 here and validate.

Its working fine .But if we change the to , SSO is not working. We cant change and

How to share the cookie in cross domain across 3 apps ? because middle app , we dont have control over it.

Urgent issues.Please help.
3 years ago
I have a Standalone program which has a void method and will exit if any validation fails.If i give the input which will fail in validation , Test case has stopped and it is not continuing to the next case.

Please help to write the proper test case for this situation.( I am very new to JUNIT)
4 years ago

I want to iterate through ArrayList of LinkedHashMap and remove the specific data from each map. Finally, i got ConcurrentModificationException.I tried Iterator too. It didn't work.Please give me suggestions.It is SingleThread Environment/Java7.

4 years ago
I have a client URL .I should call the URL and get the HTML Content of the page and i should process the html page content (listing the product details).

I can get the HTML Content of the page using HttpURLConnection.getContent();

But , the html content is differ if we send some hidden form fields. that is the case , i should send the form hidden field values using Java or servlet .I have only the client URL and the form name.
I want to get the HTML content of one webpage inside java class.The webpage is using some hidden form fields to be set for getting proper webpage.
I am using the class to call the webpage.

is it possible to set the hidden form fields in java itself?

Please help.