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I am detached for quite a while regarding this.

While I passed part I and pending for part II assignment submission.

Is that still valid in having version 2?

Please advise.


Thanks Edwin,

I got a much clearer mind now. Based on our discussion, the turning key is on the levels of abstraction when describing the use cases or scenarios.

It is better for us to fit a procedure into a basic flows or alternative flows if it cannot be justified as large as a use case. If such flows are "big" enough or shared by other use cases, you can consider to form a separate use case and think about the use of "extend" or "include" relationship between them.

One more question:
Is "include" relationship apply on those events mentioned in basic flows where "extend" relationhip apply on alternative flows ?

I have download the StarUML and tried. It is good that I can select the looking of the diagrams to be Rational Rose like.

Thank you.

Hi all

Just read the deliverable instructions and saw that we should create either a sequence or collaboration diagram for each use case.

Do we need to cover ALL use cases or just those described in the assignment jar file (only 4 use cases). I think that question has been come across in previous threads. Would anyone give me a kind reminder. Thanks a lot

Hi Edwin,

Thanks for the explanation.

I agreed that we cannot create use cases for every single steps of a business flow. When there are two use cases, each of them would consists of a set of event flows which describe its activity.

I am thinking of how to model the sequence of these two use cases. Let me give an example. I have two use cases: "Maintain the account balance" and "Print Balance Report". Each of them would has a activity diagram depicting its events flow. But I want to emphasize that each actor should maintain its account balance before printing the report. What (diagram/method) should I use in that situation? (or simply state the post- or pre-condition in the Use Case narrative?)

Dear all

We can use Activity Diagrams to model the workflow/steps involved in a Use Case. What about if those Use Cases themselves form a workflow of certain process, how can we model that, by use of which diagram or methodology?

Thanks a lot.
Hi all,

Are there any tools to draw the UML diagrams for the assignment?

I am using the Rose evaluation version, but I am afraid the diagrams are quite large to be copied. Would you please give me some suggestions?

Congratulation Ramesh!

Would you share your experience of success?

I have started Part II but I am getting confused on the design approach. I have read the assignment materials, got the Business Domain Model and the Use Cases. Would you suggest what the next step is? Should I concentrate on the business logic (middle-tier) class design, together with constructing sequence diagrams for each of the use case? Appreciate if you could share your approach.
Congratulation Bijan,
one question for the class diagram - Where did you place the EJB class relations if the class diagram is clean and consist of the domain classes ?
As I know,you need to pay when you do the assignment re-submission, even though you have submit once and wait for grading. Correct me if I wrong
congrat. fred,
would you share the key to success with us? how you make it?
Hi Durvasula,
Congrats for the nice score. I am also preparing Part II. Would you tell me your key to success. How you approach to your design. Please advise. For me, i am just rounding about. I am still confusing on how to define some classes and how to interpret some kind of scenario like seat reservation.
Dear Groupmates,
Happy New Year
Wish us All the Best in 2003
Good Luck in All Certifications
Hi groupmates,
I found that some of you made one Class Diagram for the assignment. How can one class diagram illustrate all classes in the application? Where can my EJBs or helper classes be placed? As I know that, there would have three kinds of classes, entity, boundary and control classes. Each kind of them gives its own functionality, e.g. entity class declares the business entity. While I am preparing for the assignment, I found difficult on differentiating the class diagram and the component diagram. Does the class diagram only the business model? or Should I draft more and more class diagrams. Please help!!
Congratulation Theo,
How many class diagrams, sequence diagrams and component diagram you have generated ??