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Recent posts by Khuma Chhakchhuak

Hi all,

My question is:

My Scala's case class has parameters where a collection(i.e., List) is a part of its constructor parameters, and I wonder how to map my case class into Slick style database table or tables if necessary?

In other words, I would like to "Join tables in Slick way to map to a Json formatted case class, which is to be represented to the frontend (javascript) bits"?

Please kindly give me a shout if my question is not clear enough.

Many thanks,
7 years ago
I think it is worth mentioning Martin Odersky scala course at
7 years ago
That is a great news Ritchie.
7 years ago
The first post says
"Please send your e-mail address to bookpromotion AT javaranch DOT com to claim your electronic prize. "

So, I think the prize would be in electronic form. I wonder why we are talking the printed form here?
7 years ago
Sorry if I am annoying anyone here but

I wonder if anyone got their free copy of the book?

7 years ago
Well, I am answering my own question but it is not perfect though.

The sender needs to be assinged to a "val" and then send/pass on necessary message to the new "val sender".

//Pseudocode -

val newSender = sender
someCallBackCurryFun {
// Some processing
newSender ! "Some message here" // newSender rather than sender here..

Wondering if someone else might have a better idea on this?
7 years ago
I am sure someone can point out some good stuffs on angularJs resources.

Thanks in advance.
I guess "Problem Solving" would definitely be one way to learn things thoroughly, not necessarily fast though.
7 years ago
The error that I got is like:

[INFO] [02/26/2014 17:56:28.472] [] [akka://application/deadLetters] Message [models.service.ServiceBuckets] from Actor[akka://application/user/$v#-1897069859] to Actor[akka://application/deadLetters] was not delivered. [1] dead letters encountered. This logging can be turned off or adjusted with configuration settings 'akka.log-dead-letters' and 'akka.log-dead-letters-during-shutdown'.

Has anyone come across this kind of error?
7 years ago
I wonder if anyone (among lucky winners) has received free copy??

I have not got mine yet. When do we get our free copies? Thanks again.
7 years ago
No. It hast reached me yet.

I read the first chapter from Manning website where the first chapter is free to read.
7 years ago
I have sent my email ID as said in the first post.

I just finished reading (enjoyed it) the first chapter which is free from Manning website (free of cost).

Still waiting for my free copy.

Cant wait to read the next chapter (chapter-2).. hmmm
7 years ago
I cannot agree more with Deepak.

Perception and actuality always differ and that is the reason why politics (rather than hardwork) pays off when it comes to promotion. ;)
7 years ago
I am not an expert but all I can say in layman language is ---

Using 'implicit' allows Scala apply its common sense.

For example,

implicit timeout = 12 seconds
// Whatever process/thread you run with this implicit timeout, the thread/process would timeout in 12 seconds even though you do not explicitly specify it. Hope I am not confusing you.

7 years ago
Yes. The data would be driven by the backend and the frontend would be able to
1. respond userS (literally USERS') requests very quickly
2. reflect changes in backend in fraction of seconds
7 years ago