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Recent posts by John Soper

That's a pretty tough question. Maybe 4-6 man-weeks for Developer, then 2-3 man-weeks for Admin (if developer was just passed). Having the slides from training class and the example exams will help reduce that some.
If you go into this field, you're going to have to learn that stuff anyway though. It's not like it's a diversion takes you away from something really important.
Here's the notes for the Admin cert. I saved a copy and cleaned up the editing and added a few things as I went through Hadoop Operations
4 years ago
I coughed up the money and took the course a year and a half ago. The slides were excellent, really made me understand Spring better. I thought there was just two ways to write Spring code, but there's actually three (XML, Annotations, Pure Java).

You could study Spring in Action and do a personal Spring project, then put it on Github as an alternative.
Don't know about any sandbox tools. I still think the best way is to master (or even memorize) word count code, everything else is built from that. My two favorite examples are below. Besides that, Tom White and Eric Sammer are your new best friends, don't go anywhere without their books.


4 years ago
1. Hadoop admin is the only one where I'd bought the practice questions and took the cert. Don't remember if any were the same, but they were similar, and understanding the practice questions is helpful for your career in general. It's not just about passing the cert, you also need to answer interview questions.

2. Study Tom White's book over and over. Play with a simple word count program over and over, try lots of options.

3. Study for the Hadoop admin cert at the same time, lots of common ground. Only about 50% more work, but twice as impressive. Hadoop Operations is the book for that.
4 years ago
And passed Cloudera Hadoop Administrator today, again with 88%. That seems to be my number.

I definitely recommend trying to do them close together because there's a lot of common material.

The Cloudera practice questions help, even though they're $125.

Now onto studying functional programming, then data science after that. Already have pieces of both.
4 years ago

Sudarshan Sreenivasan wrote:Can you share "Made a chart of the 5-6 ways to set a property value and which took priority " this ? ... I think it would be useful to a lot of people

Sorry for the delay, just noticed this.

4 years ago
I'm struggling through the Scala class now (taking six other classes sure doesn't help). My plan is to sign up for reactive programming but not do the assignments, just archive things to study at my own pace. No offense to Prof Odersky but learning a new language and new concepts at the same time is a little rough.

Muhammad Khojaye wrote:There is another course on Coursera named Web Intelligence and Big Data. Congratulations

I'm in the middle of the class now. It's pretty interesting, the teacher approaches things from a different angle and likes to discuss side issues. The first programming assignment was a simple map-reduce using a python framework, which is always a sweet language to play with.

Sorry about the bum steer on the product key, their website could be a little clearer though.
5 years ago
I think you wanted this:
study guide amazon link

Search amazon for charles lyons if link doesn't work.

I have both books but haven't studied yet. I get a little too enthusiastic on Amazon orders
5 years ago
Got 72%, passing is >= 60%.

Actually failed it the first time by 2 questions, it's one hard test, and SQL doesn't hold my interest as much as programming languages. Barely squeaked through part 1 for that matter. To add insult to injury, the test cost just increased from $195 to $245.

Definitely use the official study guide and do lots of practice. Lots of little minutia come up in questions. I created a set of 20 exercises that covered the basics of the 11 chapters and kept practicing them until little peeking was needed. Did not review the part 1 material, and did not seem needed. Still good to stay up on if time permits. The list of study topics on Oracle's website was fair.

Previous certs are Java programmer, Spring Professional, Hadoop Developer, and SCAE Software Test. Plan to do Java web components next, then HBase. PHP and MS's Javascript certs are looking pretty juicy too.
5 years ago
Congrats, that must feel good.

Are you going to go for Java Programmer now?
5 years ago
Thanks for the heads up, I sure wish there were more hours in a day...
5 years ago
(Mods if you think this should be in the Hadoop forum, or both, please move)

I wouldn't say it was hard per se, but Hadoop has a lot of funky concepts.

For preparing, "24 hadoop interview questions" on the net is a great starting point. I then went through Tom White's Hadoop the Definitive Guide 3rd Ed, chapters 2-8 completely, typing out full notes and reading them constantly. For the other parts of the ecosystem, you need a high level overview with the basics of how they work and what they can do that Hadoop can't.

On my laptop, played with local-mode in Eclipse plus pseudo-mode with jar files. Tried lots of variations with a simple wordcount program:
Zero reducers, identity reducer, identity for both, combiners added
Logging and counter techniques
Made a chart of the 5-6 ways to set a property value and which took priority
List of the default conditions for things you don't specify (Hadoop can run given just IO paths).
Made a list of HDFS commands and kept playing around with them

Studied mock questions on the net, some had wrong answers, so be careful. Was going to purchase from, but they required submitting my MS Product Key, and I wasn't willing to do that. A shame, they advertised 200 questions for $45.

Took me a couple months of hardcore studying until it all became clear. The book took the most time, reading about 270 pages twice and doing notes.

In the future, I plan to also do the Cloudera certs for HBase, Hadoop admin, and Data Scientist. Will also take the Coursera Scala class with comes with a signed certificate. And maybe check into Apache Cassandra (no cert yet from what I could tell).

Big Data is fun.
5 years ago