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Recent posts by rama_usha

Guys.. Finally I have also become an SCJP. But my score is not promising (71%). Just on the brink. I could have done better.
Many thanks to this wonderful site else it wouldn't have been possible. I concentrated mainly on the RHE and lots of mock exams.
I did get the dreaded socket, String.append questions.
Thanks a lot guys...
Congrats for scoring the decent marks .could u please
mail me the questions related to sockets media tracker and append
to this mail id
Planning to take next week.
Thanks in advance.
You mentioned about a drawing a table of the different types of streams and readers with their use, constructors and read methods. I was wondering if you still have it then could you please e-mail it to me at
This will really helped me in understanding the different streams and readers.
Thanks in advance....
Thanks for replying. But I have read many guys talking about the Media Tracker/Socket question appearing in the Exam. Can somebody share it.
Hi all,
If someone can explain about the questions come in the exam regarding Threads , MediaTracker class and Sockets ...also any good advice/Suggestions..I am taking the exam on this monday.
Thanks in Advance
Congrats! Could you please tell about the questions on String.append and MediaTracker and Socket
Thanks in advance.
Recently my friend passed the SCJP exam in India. He is on his way to the US. Is there any site or telephone number where in he can change the postal address so that he receives the Sun Certification Certificate at the new address in USA.
Congrats!. From your message it is clear that we need to watch out for append method which is not available in String class. It is only available in StringBuffer class.
Let me know if I'm wrong???
Hi Deepak,
how could u manage to get 98%??slogged very ...hard..
Planning to take the exam on Sept 15th.
here's my email id:
can u share the tips??

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