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Recent posts by Tor Ludgivsen

I have this library system where i got bookdata stored in a textfile. and person data stored in another text file.

- I need to check if String isbn =; is the same as the hashmap-bokm key (isbn) in class Bok.
The Bok bokm hashmap is made in another class that reads the file in.
Same with the Person personm which will later read in the data typed here.
What i am trying to do is to make an if test so that if isbn is in hashmap then


else errormessage and retry!

11 years ago
Greg Charles thanks a lot. and i did look at it, but did not know that it matters the order i put data in.

Winston Gutkowski. thanks a lot, will follow your advices and try the new stuff you told me. is there some place on the forum where you can post your product, and just get advices on how to improve things?
11 years ago
Hello! Im having a problem with my library system.

the and p.isbn are mixing up.

Full kode:
11 years ago
exactly how do i split the context?
with this randomaccessfile is it the same way to split the context?

because later on, the note text will look like

here is the note bla bla bla;name-lastname
11 years ago
omg, that easy o.O exactly why did that make that kind of error?
and btw, i will need the "f.close()" orelse it wont store into the .txt file + i have learned on school always to close the file you write to when you open it and finished with it.

but a new "problem" happend now. i do not get the error, but when i write new name i have to Exit(opt 10 in meny) to update the allname list.

yes tnx, will work with the checks on the meny.
11 years ago
Hello, im new to this forum. And pretty new to java programming. I made this note system, so i have control over my notes at school. It will take in a name (philosophname) and store it in a .txt file named navn.txt and it also have a .txt file where i put in the notes in notat.txt.

my problem now is, when i add a new name i get this error. the name is stored in the file. and i can see the new name but i want to not get this error, so that i dont have to restart the program.

11 years ago