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Recent posts by Gajendra Kangokar

Henry Wong wrote:
And yes, it accepts "F", which has a value of 15. What is value of "X" in Hex?

Yes.X is an invalid character in Hex ,hence it is not determined.
Thank You Henry.
3 years ago
why is it not valid?
when it accepts F and other letters,why not X?
3 years ago

Hi All,
In the above code line 1 executes fine but line 2 throws NumberFormatException.
Why is it so?

Thank You
Gajendra KM
3 years ago
Yes right

In rum time the above code becomes

we dont want code that compiles fine but gives error at runtime so compiler does not allow to have such methods
In second example you have used argument List without generics which is equals to List<?>.
That means you have overloaded method instead overriding,so it compiles.

Where as in other two example you are overriding where return type must match to parent method.
my apache-tomcat -7.0.54>logs directory is empty

why is there no log file in apache server?
3 years ago
Hope I posted the question in the right section of the forum.

In Jenkins we use cron to schedule

there are 6 asterisk . * * * * * * is equal to Minute ,Hour ,Day of month ,Month ,Day of week ,Year .

*/5 * * * *
this implies every 5 minutes.How?
and does /5 belong to first asterisk? if yes,there are only 5 asterisk above. where is 6th asterisk?

and what does following statement mean?

To allow periodically scheduled tasks to produce even load on the system, the 'H' token can be used. For example, people often use '0 0 * * *' for a daily job, but this ends up causing a large spike in midnight. In contrast, doing 'H H * * *' would still execute a job once a day, but the actual time of the day this gets executed will be spread over by Jenkins.

H * * * * *
And what is "H"?

Please clarify me about this.
Thank You
3 years ago

Paweł Baczyński wrote:
Fields of an object are initialized before constructors are called.

Fields of class are not initialized before constructor call but Constructor initializes the fields of class.
How to print this "" as output?

Is it possible?
Thank You
4 years ago
which thread has highest priority.
Is it the Thread with higher number (8) or lower number (5).
This might be a silly question,still I am confused.

Thank You


above is my xml configuration using JPA hibernate I have mapped my Entity class as well (Employee),
whenever I start hibernate, Employee table is newly created and i loose all data from the table which was stored last time.

I have also commented this line <!-- <property name="">create</property> -->.
please someome tell me where i am gone wrong,what is the solution.

Thank you
what is the use of @Retention annotation or how it should be used

when to use each type of retention.
can anyone please give an example

Thank You

the above query works fine
I want to know what will be the query to get count from the same query.
following things did not work

Thank You
hello ritchie,
how about object oriented thought process book?if you have read it.
4 years ago