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Recent posts by Karan Kaw

1st Part is : Do not allow direct(external) access to Resources inside WEB-INF. All container Follow this.
2nd Part which is ambiguous is that if JSP is inside WEB-INF , They should be accessible by other members inside WEB-INF. Older Weblogic don't allow access to JSP inside WEB-INF from classes(ACTION classes) inside WEB_INF\classes while Tomcat does allow this.

Goto URL :
6 years ago
Client Server typically means "Web Browser(Thin Client)===========WebServer(JSP)/Database"

EJB is distributed because it is roughly 3 Tier
Browser =====================JSP/Web MVC=============Pojo/Bean/Model(EJB/MDB)==========Database
EJB is distributed because Usually we have separate JVMs for Web and EJB Containers

RMI was used to call remote methods on different JVM just like EJB but Major Differnce is That EJB = RMI+Container Provided Services/Lifecycle/Transaction
RMI = one JVM called diferent Class method running in different VM and Developer was responsible for everything.

RMI uses IIOP(CORBA Compliant means .NET services)/JRMP(All In Java)

Value after intializer field : 1
Value after instance block : 5
Value in client after constructor : 10

I was so busy following good code conventions, That I never realized That Constructors could be placed anywhere; even after the fields that they initialize.
8 years ago
Hi Folks,

Could You give me some idea How do we know How to tell Input Stream for multiple Files uploaded in a Servlet?
I mean, How Can I possibly Tell To Delimit Input Stream for more than 1 Files Uploaded.
8 years ago
How does a SOAP message Request Handler Knows if There is an attachment in a HTTP Post Payload that delivers SOAP
Are There any headers involved, specifically for that?
8 years ago
Hi Folks,

Yes You are right I do not need to bother about these Intrinsic Details of Hashcode.
But, Just Out of curiosity, I wanted to know/guess how Arbitrary Values generated by Hashcode relate to index of Bucket Array.

For sake of understanding, Its good enough to know

Modulos are automatically 0-based

as Greg has Quoted here.

Thanks , All of You.
Really This is Really useful Knowledge Sharing Forum.
8 years ago
So, Actually SOAP : Simple Object Access Protocol is a Misnomer, Its actually Data Exchange Format specification
HTTP is used because its not blocked traffic.
When Webservice is getting invoked, Its Like HTTP(HTML) traffic is going, Though Under the covers SOAP Payload is delivered which being XML is understood Well by .NET or Java Client.
8 years ago

When we create hashcode based storage(map/set); Hash based Systems Use an array of Buckets.
For storing, we perform hashcode() on Key(object), That gives us index of Bucket in which we actually save 'Key-Value'(map) or Value(set)

---Source(A Programmers Guide to JAVA CERTIFICATION by Khalid Mughal)

My Question is :
Does my hashcode necessarily have to start from Zero onwards so that Array of Buckets maintained by hashtable gets correct Zero-based Index?
How we ensure that hashcode() value must start from '0' as I believe hashcode gives some arbitrary Number??
8 years ago
Folks, It happens.
Seriously, In indian universities Quantity takes precedence over Quality and The approach to education is theory based(read Rote Learning) usually.
That is why, Durgesh Kumar said "he is afraid of Logic" means The University education does not lays emphasis on Programming.

There is Huge SKILL GAP what universities produce and What Industry(OFFSHORING) needs.

@Durgesh Kumar, You should Overcome Fear.
Try to develop passion towards Programming, then You will love your S/W developer job.
Programming takes 'PATIENCE' and 'PRACTICE.
8 years ago
Difference between SOAP and HTTP ?
Does HTTP actually carries SOAP (XML Formatted) in its body?
How Does SOAP handles attachment?
8 years ago