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Recent posts by Kai Hinn

Hi, We have a JavaFx Web Start application with some cron jobs synchronizing with a server via web services. When running in our test environment everything runs fast and stable for at least days. In the test environment, the internet connection is very good.

The problem comes when moving to the production environment. Same hardware, the only difference is that the internet connection is a usb dongle - and the signal is very bad.

So we get a lot of : Unexpected end of file from server
and Error writing to server

, and after a while (30 mins) the program gradually slows down to the point where it becomes unusable.

We connect via a UrlConnection, and do the usual cleanup by closing the streams. But somehow there seems to be a buildup of used resources, that slows the system down.

Its is running on Win7, Java7, FX2.2

Does anybody have any idea what is going on, and what to do about it ?

This is the code (and we do close the InputStreams in the calling methods)


I seem to have a memory leak problem with a javafx 2.2 app. When just started it runs fast and smooth. After about 20 minutes, the UI starts to respond more and more slowly.
Using the Profiler in netbeans, I can see, that used memory stabilizes after a while - but the windows task manager shows, that the process javaw.exe slowly grows all the time. The Profiler shows that the number of used object of any kind are stabil.
Does any body of you have similar experiences ?

Best regards
9 years ago