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You can do it on one PC pretty easily. Its *nice* to have two computers to play with it over a small network, but not at all necessary.
Looks like you've found what you're looking for.
Just FYI, after you click the 'upload' button, it will tell you the naming convention
Sorry if I was unclear.
If you're going for a high score, don't do it, it can only hurt you. If you just want to learn about notification, maybe just make a copy and then play with it on your own....
Observer/Obserable structure is fairly easy to pull off and it's a great thing to know otherwise...
I believe Sun is getting better, but it's hard to be sure.
I got mine in one week exactly, no problems at all.
I made a *really* simple GUI for the server( probably on the borderline of sloppy ) but it worked.
Two buttons and a text box that simply displayed what was going on. One button locked all the records(or unlocked it if all were locked) the other started a timer for 60 seconds(the timeout to each thread) ,locked all records then exited.
Its on the When you go to upload the project, it will tell you the naming policy
More in the design.txt than anything.
Javadoc simply tells what each method does, although placing mention of notable design decisions in the javadoc certainly doesnt hurt anything.
1) Without some sort of protection for a multithreaded enviroment, data can easily be corrupted and erroenous results returned. This is especially important in this project as dead-lock is a major concern.
2) I'm not sure quite what you're asking here but RMI does NOT 'queue' requests to a method or an object, this is why you need threadsafety!
Hope that helps
I'm guessing Sai is correct here, you most likely need to put the method implementation in the Data class or helper class(ie LockHandler, etc). Regardless, it seems this should be part of the database rather than the server.
That being said, I believe you can do something similar with the connection objects etc. You can identify the clients at the server level and the pass on the locking part to the Data class.
Also, if your locking device is stable, there should be no problem with a local client locking/unlocking records.
If I remember correctly, pretty much any field can be changed by the client. Obviously, if you change the flight number, you won't be able to modify anything because the record can not be identified. All the method does is find the related DataInfo object, checks it, and replaces it with the one passed through the method.
Your bookFlights method will have to either modify the DataInfo then resend it, or create a new DataInfo based on the information in the old one with modified flight numbers.
Hope that helps
Doesn't look like these get a whole lot of response, but what the heck, here it goes.
I'm a soon to be college student(recent HS graduate) seeking some sort of internship or temp. position(4 months) in the Denver or Boston area.
My certifications include : MCSD,MCSA, A+, Network+, Sun Certified Programmer for Java 2 and Sun Certified Developer for Java 2.
Experience includes : OOD, HTML, CGI/Perl, Relational DBs/SQL, XML(basic), JSP, Servlets, basic software/hardware installation/troubleshooting.
Seeing that I've either been in diapers or school for the the past 18 years , I'm a little light on real world work experience. The only field related work I've done is a 3-month internship doing network administrator/help desk related activites.
I'm motivated, hard working and I play well with others. If you're interested drop me an email at or send me a private message via this fine message board.
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19 years ago
You can also just look at the data class javadocs, it gives a pretty good idea of what they might want.
I dont think you need to do too much as far as this goes. I just gave an example for two different ones(RH7.2 + W2K) and then below it put something like "consult your OS docs for more info on setting user/system variables"
Dont worry about it too much
I *think* its still good.
As far as JavaHelp goes, you don't even need to have online documentation to get full points, so I'd assume any sort of implementation would be fine