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Recent posts by binay shah

Does anyone know how to create a blank image in android?
I am making a small n-puzzle game of image in android and i was able to split the image into small tiles of some size and now i want to create a small blank image of the same size as that of tile. How do i create blank image with black background color dynamically in android.

Please help.
10 years ago
to become a SE7 java programmer you must first take OCA JP7 and then OCP JP7 but incase of SE6, you can just take ocp jp6 to become a java certified programmer. Taking oca se6 is not mandatory.
Regardind books, i recommend you go with Kathy sierra, though you may want to consult some of the chapters from Khalid Mughal especially the "development" chapter of kathy sierra. I had some difficulty in understanding it from Kathy Sierra book and finally go for lots of mock exams.
hope it helps
11 years ago
There were no drag and drop and serialization questions on the exam. Regarding the practice exams from K&B, try to get at least 70% to clear the exam with good marks and to gain more confidence and after that you can go for the exam. The level of questions on exam is very easy as compared to practice exams but the questions were tricky. You should be able to catch the trickier part.
11 years ago
Hi all,
I cleared my ocjp 6 with 100%. I finished the exam in less than an hour. Exam was very very easy.
thanks to Kathy Sierra and Bert Bates Study guide and practice exam. Thanks to Devaka Cooray for his wonderful Examlab simulator.
thanks to everyone in this forum for answering my questions.
11 years ago

If instances of class Chilis are to be used as keys in a Map, which are true?
A. Without overriding hashCode(), the code will not compile.
B. As it stands, the equals() method has been legally overridden.
C. It's possible for such keys to find the correct entries in the Map.
D. It's not possible for such keys to find correct entries in the Map.
E. As it stands, the Chilis class legally supports the equals() and hashCode() contracts.
F. If hashCode() was correctly overridden, it would make retrieving Map entries by key easier.

The correct answer is B, C and E.
I don't understand why C is correct. According to me, instead D should be correct because equals method is not correctly overridden.
Can anyone explain this to me? thanks in advance.

Can you please share your experiences with the exam. What practice exam did you use and how was the exam? Is time sufficient?
11 years ago
Thank you very much. I got it!
thanks for your response.
i understand that there is a implied super() call in the Cert class but line 8 is calling the super class constructor directly. My understanding of the above code is that - "if line 8 was replaced by 'new Cert()', then there is a constructor chaining.
The problem i'm not understanding is that, where is the call to subclass constructor?
can any one tell why the code below does not compile?

The solution to this problem says "When extending a class always ensure that it has a public constructor, since the compiler will try to call it by default ".
when i put the default constructor in class Marmaduke it compiles.
but why does it need a default constructor when there isn't a subclass object instantiation with no arguments
thanks in advance.
I was expecting it to print "> <> <> #" without the empty string.From where this empty string comes from.
hello everyone,
i'm new to this forum and i'm preparing for ocpjp6
can anyone explain me the working of the split() method in the code below? I'm confused about the empty strings that it returns.