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Wow, losing 15 minutes is no joke in an exam Could you let us know where you took the exam and the configuration of the PC used? What do you think was the main reason for the error?
Most Java people I know have a soft spot for Apache, so a lot of us are going to be waiting to try out Geronimo. How long is a few months?
Hello Clyde
I find the J2EE RI good but a bit slow, so make sure you have a really good PC before starting out. Jboss is scarce on documentation(though you may get it at a nominal price from their site).
The way to go maybe the Jboss workbook (one of many workbooks available for various servers) that comes downloadable with examples from Monson-Haefel's "Enterprise Java Beans". This has been the route for me so far, as its easy to get a working example to run first, allowing you to get comfortable with the server. Once you do this, tinker around and try to deploy some of your own beans.
If your intention is to do the SCBCD soon,which is relative to how comfortable you are with Java, then just examples, books (including the much anticipated "Head First Ejb") and specifications should keep you busy for a while. After that, and if licensing is not a problem you could delve into Weblogic or Websphere. I feel that going the hard route without too many IDE's and tools may help you grasp the concepts better.
Hope this helps.
A complete coding sample will be icing on the cake! Can't wait to get wickedly smart
I am simultaneously trying to work on the reference implementation and Jboss, and while the reference implementation is slow, its packed with lots of features which I haven't had a chance to utilize fully but am looking forward to doing.
I guess you are right, mock questions are supposed to be different from full-fledged examples, as the former is more about testing your knowledge of the specs and Ejb's, and should maybe be a logical step ahead for someone who has built a couple of beans or atleast had a go at some examples. I have found it extremely useful in cases like Monson-Haefel's (O'Reilly) book, which provides workbooks and sample codes to run through the most popular servers. It has made my foray into ejb's a lot easier and helps reinforce a lot of the concepts for the SCBCD. I am sure the book's gonna live up to our expectations and more, if the sample chapter is anything to go by.
Hi Kathy and Bert!
Way to go on getting this book done. I was wondering if the examples used in the book would be specific to any particular server, like Sun's reference implementation? Since SCBCD is platform neutral it may not be that important but different servers do handle the J2EE platform in their own way and I am trying not to let it get in the way of learning the core concepts. This forum has helped a lot though. Thanks guys you rock!