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Recent posts by john miltone

I already use SceneBuilder but I don't know that create controller with him.
For bound, I don't speak about binding but more specific boundsInLocal for a Node. I already read the API doc here (Node API Ddoc), unfortunatably I don't understand very well this concept. Just help me to understand this with your word it's good (I don't remember what way in your code let me here but I want to understand nonetheless).

Generally you don't need to worry about the layout method in JavaFX, unless you are writing a layout manager. I've done quite a bit of JavaFX and have yet to need to figure that one out.

I speak about your code Controller class and more specific siezScrollCircles method.
Example : scrollEnd.layout();

Thank for your binaries distribution. Just pity that for gesture concept (good idea however).
9 years ago
Hi Danno et thanks for your good way reply.

How have you generated ControllerGenerated class ? It's very good idea.
I don't understand the bound mean of a node. What this more simply ?

For the layout() function, what is the "Executes a top-down layout pass" result exactly ?

Have you (or can you) the binary of this application sample for understand this ensemble of scene ?

9 years ago
Hello everybody,

I want to interacted within my scene on the run.
Example : When I click on a button, I add a new node in my scene.

But Can I add or remove node in FXML loaded. If I can, how respect the hierarchy sceneGraph ?

How with ActionEvent interact on the same scene from the ActionEvent start ?

My real issue that I can't understand so much the function or system of the FXMLoader from JavaFX for "play" with this.

Thank a lot for your help
9 years ago
You want learn Java or CLIPS, I don't understand ?
9 years ago
Yes but I don't want to write a line code to choosing file for analyse.
I want to design myself with my own philosophy.
hello all,

I want to develop a tool for analyse .java or packages or others logical java mean for result in schema UML.
is there specification for coding XML comprehensive by UML ? and library Java for design graphical UML by XML ?

thank for your back
OK OK Wei Dai. Thank for small and efficency answers.

It's difficult to stay in a fog for understanding completely this API but I don't want become mad.

good job
Hello all,

I search to work with Derby (Java DB) and ok I can run the driverclass for the engine but many questions arrive in my head for comprehensive global.

The first is simple : Why API DOC Apache Derby 10.9 not reflect the package derby.jar ou the lib directory in bin deployement (or lib only deployement).

There is too many classes not documented.

And you, what is your experience on Derby ?
The ActionError is the previous engine for translate error from ActionForm Struts to JSP. The last engine used is ActionMessage.
But if you read the API doc struts 1.4 the deprecated ActionError is not visible.

And my project not coding in struts 1.4 but 1.1 (I'm knows that after my problem).

For resolve that, I download and add to libraries project the Struts 1.1 jar.

Add in IntelliJ in modules sources or IDE libraries category.

If I can help you for that say me
9 years ago
Hi everybody,

I'm glad to enter on this website forum. I'm a Java programmer with IntelliJ (I try....).
I want to import already Java EE project develop in my IDE IntelliJ with modules Spring and Struts.

For Spring all seem to good but for Struts I have a little issue. All ActionError ObjectType in highlight red in error.

Why my IDE say me at the compile project : cannot find symbol class ActionError ?
yet a declare Struts in my project structure in Project Library 'struts-struts' and my project module Web2 (in my main module) contain a Struts Facet.

Can you help me to understand that ?

Thanks for all
9 years ago