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Recent posts by Raghu Sha

I am using WebSphere 8 & RAD 9.
I need to set context-root dynamically / programatically.

For example, i have URL's with one ear file (TestEAR).
Based on the region URL will change, but it should access same AppEAR only. --> AppEAR> AppEAR

Is it possible to set the context-root dynamically based on URL's

<context-root> ??? </context-root>
4 years ago

Please provide sample code or url to refer
In Oracle, how to insert xml object ?
I am using CLOB datatype.
Currently generated xml content as xml file, store that file in drive.

How to store XML content without creating xml file?
I am using JSF,richfaces.
Need to import data from Excel file and show it in datatable.

How to achive this?

7 years ago

always getting same connection if intialized inside main()

Now i am coming to the original question.
issue i faced is connection object declaration.

where i need to declare and intialize the connection object (dbConn)?

It is pwThread.processDWRecords(dbConn);
sorry for the typo..

Each thread should run independently and create new connection and close the connection once it update the DB.
This is the code snoppet.
How to initialize and create dbConn (Connection) object?
Have to access inside run().

Created a java.sql.connection object.

Refering those obj inside
public void run() {


If i declare as final inside a method, i can't refer those outside method due to scope.

Cannot refer to a non-final variable dbConnObj inside an inner class defined in a different method
I need to display button based on the condition in xhtml page.
using JSF2 & richface 4.0

<c:forEach items="#{empList}" var="emp">

How to check condition like empList.size > 0 in xhtml?

if list is having value, need to show buttons.
7 years ago
How to highlight an inputText in JSF 2.0 when a server-side validation error occurs?
I have the server side validation,if validation fails, text box color (style) should change.
else it should display in normal color.
7 years ago
i have a datatable with id= tblId#{}
<c:set var="tableID" value="tblId#{}">
displaying employee details inside c:forEach
closing dataTable.

Inside validate method,always i am getting last table row id only.

For ex.
Dispaying 5 table dynamically.
Need to validate check box selected or not.
5 table are displayed.
But it shows 5th table row id only.
It is because of local varible declaration?
7 years ago
I am using jsf with richfaces.
Scroll bar inside panel grid is displayed.
Need to disable / hide the bowser (IE-9) scroll bar.

Added above style, but not working.
7 years ago

It is not working..
Concatenate the value with Table id.

Please suggest.

7 years ago
using richface 4.

showing syntax error.
How to pass the value #{id.No} inside rich:element
7 years ago